Woman charged with intent to sell heroin after traffic stop in Lower Burrell

A Westmoreland County woman has been charged with intent to sell heroin after a Lower Burrell patrol officer stopped the car she was in because the license plate appeared to have been tampered with.

Shelley L. Lynch, 39, of Seward, has been charged with one count of possession with intent to deliver drugs and drug-related charges.

The driver and another passenger were charged with possession of drugs.

Officer Aaron Rodgers was on patrol in the Greensburg Road and Westmoreland Avenue area shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday when a Mercury sedan slowed to “well below the posted speed limit” after exceeding its speed limit. patrol car, according to a criminal complaint filed in support of the charges.

Rodgers said he followed the car but couldn’t read the license plate because it was too faded. When he finally got close enough to make out the plaque, he saw that some of his figures had been stained with a blue ink marker, he said.

The driver, Shane Callis, 40, of New Florence, told Rodgers he used a Sharpie to color the lettering to make it more visible. He was charged with a traffic violation for doing this as well as drug possession in connection with the incident.

Rodgers became suspicious of the trio because they “seemed visibly nervous and I could see their hands were shaking as they spoke with me,” according to the complaint.

Callis and front passenger Jeffrey Lynch, 39, of Seward, also provided conflicting information about where they were and where they were heading, Rodgers said.

Callis initially refused Rodgers’ request to search the vehicle, but agreed after the officer told him he saw a “crystalline substance” in the seat and that he would summon a police dog to perform the search. search.

After Callis agreed to the search, a K9 unit from New Kensington came to the scene and indicated that there were drugs in the car.

In addition to drug paraphernalia, empty stamp bags and suspected methamphetamine found in the front of the vehicle, police confiscated what appeared to be a “I owe you” book with price lists for ” packets ”and“ bricks ”of heroin. as the names of the clients, according to Rodgers.

Police said Shelley Lynch had a container of Pringles potato chips in the back seat with a false bottom containing “several packages and bricks of suspected heroin,” according to the complaint.

Stamped sachets of heroin were also found in an empty Tylenol bottle. A zipped plastic bag “loaded” with syringes containing suspected heroin was found under the back seat of the vehicle, according to the complaint.

The Lynches are being held in Allegheny County Jail on unrelated charges, according to District Judge Cheryl Peck Yackopec’s office. The indictment of the charges is expected to be done by video on Friday, the judge’s office said.

Shelley Lynch faces a preliminary hearing on the charges before Peck Yackopec on November 21. The date for Jeffrey Lynch’s preliminary hearing has yet to be set.

Callis has been released from prison and will receive the charges against him by mail, according to the judge.

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