Will Aidan Turner star in Sarah Ferguson’s romance adaptation?

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Sarah, Duchess of York joined Cowardly Women Monday to discuss her new romance novel, and she already has a dashing star in mind to play the main character if he ever gets adapted into a movie!

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While chatting with the panelists, Sarah revealed that she would like to see Aidan Turner, who is best known for starring in Poldark, take on the male protagonist of her novel, His heart as a compass. She said: “I think Colin Firth is just phenomenal as Darcy… coming out of the lake. I love James Norton, but Aidan Turner takes the first place for me. I thought he was brilliant in Leonardo and Poldark.

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So what is Sarah Ferguson’s novel about? The story follows Lady Margaret Montagu Scott, who escapes her arranged marriage and is banished from polite society, instead traveling to Ireland and America to follow her heart.

Discussing the novel, she explained: “We [her and co-writer Marguerite Kaye] wrote it during the pandemic, so it was an escape for me to go see my heroine Lady Margaret, who just happens to be redheaded, resilient and strong, but of course she gave me the opportunity to come in 1870 and to continue this incredible journey of following his own voice and his own strength.


Will you read Sarah’s new novel?

the The Duke of YorkThe ex-wife has revealed that she already signed another book deal with Mills & Boon just days after releasing her first novel with the publisher. Talk on First row of Radio 4, she said: “People are trying to put Fergie in a box, or Sarah or the Duchess in a box, like ‘look at her, why is she doing this, why is she doing that?’

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“We all have doubts about ourselves. But it was really exciting to grow together in friendship and collaboration and we are both very united together in this book. His heart for a compass. So much so that we signed our next book contract. “

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