Wheeling native publishes his first novel and he is based in the Friendly City

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WHEELING W.Va. – (WTRF) It can be hard to imagine walking the streets of Wheeling in the 1900s, but a recently published book by a Wheeling resident gives you that nostalgic feeling.

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One Wheeling Women wrote their first novel “Stoking Hope”. It is a work of historical fiction and follows an influential woman of the early 20th century.

CK McDonough says she has always written. She worked in advertising and marketing for about 20 years, but says she always knew she wanted to write a book.

I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to write so I started reading and found that historical fiction is a real genre where you can take a real piece of history and then fictionalize it .

C. K. McDonough, author

She says the process was not easy, it took four years to research, write and create the book.

He was really inspired by my time on the Crittendon board here in Wheeling. I found out that Kate Waller Barrett was one of the founders of the Crittendon Mission in the late 1890s and just wanted to know more about her.

C. K. McDonough, author

She says research played a crucial role in the development of her book. She dug deep into the period, learning what the character should wear, what her job should be, and the challenges she might face.

There’s a room actually, the Wheeling Hall of Records which is a great place you can go, and I found historical photos. When you look at these vintage photos, it’s the details in these photos that really make the book special.

C. K. McDonough, author

She says her grandmother’s life also inspired many important details.

She says she wanted it to be as historically accurate as possible. This way, readers could learn more about the story while enjoying its fictional storyline.

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