What will they steal in the end?


The end of Red Notice sees the trio of thieves reunite in Paris for another job, but who will be the high-value target this time around?

Warning: SPOILERS for Red Notice before

by netflix Red Notice has left many viewers wondering, what are they going to steal in the end? The film follows FBI Agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) as well as Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) and Bishop (Gal Gadot), the two most skilled thieves in the world. The three travel the world and battle it out to retrieve the three priceless Cleopatra Eggs. Booth and Hartley end up in prison together, forcing the reluctant couple to team up and confront Bishop so Hartley can clear his name and Booth can get rich.

The big twist of the movie comes just at the end of Red Notice when the public thinks justice might prevail, until Hartley reveals that he is not an FBI agent, but in fact Bishop’s longtime partner. They double-cross Booth and deliver the three eggs to their client, but also betray him by calling the police. But as the couple lead secluded luxury lives on their yacht, Booth returns and reveals that he led the police straight to all their money. He is proposing a new heist which is “double the payment, triple the challenge “, in addition to being a work of three thieves. ”The final shot of the film sees the trio reunited in Paris again, but it naturally leaves viewers with unanswered questions about the Red Notice the new mission of the characters.


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So what are they going to steal? The building they are in front of is the famous Louvre Museum which houses all kinds of priceless treasures, from art to antiques. Considering all the precious loot inside the Louvre, it’s likely that thieves would go for one of the more famous pieces like the Mona Lisa or the Venus of Milo. Then again, it is also possible that the writers invent a new fictional antiquity like they did with the Three Eggs of Cleopatra, so that they can stick to an ancient Egyptian theme, or perhaps do something with it. something even more personal for the characters.

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The fact that they are at the Louvre immediately suggests a big budget goal for Netflix Red Notice characters. According to lovemoney.com, French historian Patrice de Moncan estimated the contents of the museum to be worth at least $ 35 billion, so there are certainly plenty of potential items that would earn thieves a decent salary. Some of the most notable works on display at the Louvre include that of da Vinci Mona Lisa, which was insured for $ 100 million in 1962, as well as the Venus of Milo, a sculpture of Alexander of Antioch dating from 130 BC.

As noted, another path the movie could take is to simply invent a new treasure like they did with Cleopatra’s Eggs. If Netflix wanted to stick with an Egyptian theme for the Red Notice The characters’ next target, the Egyptian Antiquities department of the Louvre occupies two floors in the real-life museum. It’s also possible that the next film will focus on a more sentimental target. Hartley and Booth both discuss their father’s issues in Red Notice, and Booth’s father’s watch leads the thieves to locate the third egg. Perhaps the next film will take a look at Hartley’s father and could see the trio of thieves take on an item of more than monetary value, such as a target his father dreamed of stealing but never could.

It is impossible to know who will be the next target of thieves in the Red Notice ends, but the fact that it’s at the Louvre promises excitement. The staggering monetary value of the museum’s contents ensures state-of-the-art security, armed guards, and a convoluted plan that will almost certainly go wrong, forcing the characters of Gadot, Reynolds and Johnson to cleverly fit into Red notice 2. Whatever the target, the last scene of Red Notice sets up an obvious sequel that will no doubt continue to entertain.

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