Visual Novel ‘Marshmallow All The Way Home’ arrives West via Johren on January 7th

Shiravune has announced that a new visual novel by Marmalade is coming west. Marshmallow home will be available on PC -via Johren- on January 7th. As with Primal Hearts, Primal Hearts 2 and Study Steady, the English edition is an 18+ version.

Known in Japan as Ouchi ni Kaeru Made ga Mashimaro Desu, the game tells the story of a boy called Ryou. After being evicted from his home, he is fortunate enough to get new housing by working in a pastry shop called Marshmallow Tree. As stiff competition threatens the store’s sustainability, he will have to work hard to help young owner Kanon Kasukabe (CV: Maya Suzuya).

However, along the way, he will have the chance to become more intimate with her and three other girls, each having different relationships with Marshmallow Tree. One of them is Ushio Asaka (CV: Kiiro Tsukino), a childhood friend of Kanon who frequently helps him. Another is Sasa Misuzu (CV: Yuina), who is a regular there and hopes to someday become a picture book author.

He can also enjoy the company of Raiha Räikkönen (CV: Wakana Seraki), a young girl who doesn’t like pastries despite her job at rival store Souvenir. The game is produced by Yoshimi Takeuchi, whose previous work includes the three Marmalade games already published by Shiravune in English (Primal Hearts, Primal Hearts 2 and Study Steady).

Discover some Marshmallow home screenshots below:

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