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HADLEY – Patricia Nugent didn’t want a new puppy.

She tried for weeks to give it away.

The golden retriever puppy was a retirement gift, as she had always said that one day she would retire from education, write the Great American Novel, and buy a golden retriever.

“My intention was to get an adult golden retriever who was already trained and would be calm,” Nugent said.

“I was five days away from being responsible and just being able to travel and not be tied to a job,” she said, “and I got this puppy.”

Nugent spent weeks trying to betray her.

One evening in 2009, the pup fell off the deck of Nugent’s newly built house on Lake Sacandaga in Hadley and was apparently paralyzed. She practiced reiki on the puppy and took it to the lake to baptize it in the water.

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Nugent begged the universe to save his pup, promising that they would “do something right” if Dolly survived the fall.

“I was about to take her to the emergency clinic, but she came back to life,” Nugent recalls.

The horrific experience reminded Nugent that healing can come from unexpected circumstances.

“I had this gift that I didn’t want. I almost lost her, “she said.” And then I realized I needed and loved her. And it was in a few hours that that changed.

Nugent had written the story in a journal, notes that she used to write her new book, “Healing with Dolly Lama: Finding God in the Dog”.

Unwanted gifts often become our biggest resource, Nugent said.

“You get what you need,” she added. “You might not realize it, and it might not seem like what you need, but I really needed this puppy even though I tried to give it to who I could think of when I got it. was first good at it. “

While writing the story, she noticed that one theme emerged: the reciprocity of the healing process. Nugent had gone through a long career, divorce, the death of his parents and the construction of a new house.

“I thought this story was really about my healing,” she said, “but it wasn’t. It was about her healing.

The 268-page book is available on Amazon for $ 15.95. It is also available at Bella & Lindy’s Pet Boutique, Northshire Books, Pampered Pooch and Sacandaga Dog Supply as well as online. For more information on readings and availability, email [email protected] or visit journalartspress.com/healing-with-dolly-lama/.

The book ends with a happy and loved 9-year-old Dolly.

“I intended to take it out at that point, and I didn’t, and I can’t explain why, but I just let it sit,” Nugent said. “I let it sit for three years.”

Dolly died in February at the age of 12.

Nugent developed a greeting card to raise funds for the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit that studies how pets could live longer and healthier lives. Four of Nugent’s previous golden retrievers had all died of cancer.

“It’s an epidemic with golden retrievers, in particular, although all of our pets are dying younger than before,” Nugent said.

The book is interspersed with practical applications on dog food and medicine.

After two weeks of grief, Nugent attended a virtual healing session with her reiki master where Dolly texted that she was happy to help other people know what their dogs need. .

Nugent decided to publish the book.

“When Dolly fell, I promised Heaven that if she survived, she would do something good in this world. As I was trying to bring her back to life, I made that promise, ”Nugent said. “Over time, I realized that this book could help keep that promise that we would share information on how best to serve our pets that serve us so well.”

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