Tyler Page sells mid-level graphic novel, Husky Boy


Husky boy is a new graphic novel by Tyler of Stylish Vittles: I met a girl. This is an intermediate-to-memoir graphic novel in which Tyler, who is about to start seventh grade, has gained a lot of weight over the summer and is starting to get teased, even by his own friends. As Tyler navigates the already murky waters of Seventh Year, he also deals with issues of body image, the pressure to “act like a man” and the fraying of friendship.

Calista Brill at First Second acquired, Husky boy and Alex Lu will also edit. The release of Husky boy is scheduled for 2024 and Tyler Page’s agent Britt siess at Britt Siess Creative Management did the trick for global rights.

Tyler Page tweeted the news saying “I’ve been sitting on this news since February so I’m very happy to officially announce my next book !! A very big thank you to my wonderful agent @BrittSiessand @CalistaBrill, @Waxenwing and @ 01FirstSecond. I can’t wait to see this in the world! ” He also has another First Second graphic novel slated for March 2022, Push button.

A realistic graphic novel based on memoirs about Tyler, a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and must find out for himself how best to deal with it. Tyler’s brain is different. Unlike his friends, he has a hard time paying attention in class. He acts in a wacky and exaggerated manner. Sometimes he even does dangerous things, like slicing up a bus seat with a pocket knife or hanging on an attic window. To the adults in his life, Tyler appears to be a troublemaker. But he knows he’s not. Tyler is curious and creative. He’s the best performer in his class, and when he can concentrate he gets top marks. He doesn’t want to cause trouble, but sometimes he just feels like he can’t control himself. In Button Pusher, cartoonist Tyler Page uses his own childhood experiences to explore what it means to grow up with ADHD. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, Tyler’s story is raw and informative, inviting you to see the world from a new perspective.

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