Tom Galvin’s dystopian novel “The Auction” to be released on October 19

Roman imagines a disturbing society where the futures of young people are bought and sold, a corporate cartel has replaced government and the poor are cast out – or worse

CLEARWATER, Florida, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Auction, a disturbing vision of a society where the future of young people is bought and sold like stocks and where a cartel of powerful corporations protects well-known values ​​and rejects the poor, will be released on October 19, Drexel Books announced today.

Auction is centered around Sacha’s Cross, who dreads the attention that comes with her family’s fame and now faces scrutiny as her auction nears. She is the elite of the elite and is paying the price, along with everyone from her father to her friends, trying to exploit her reluctant fame to their advantage. As she struggles to stay out of the spotlight, her friend Jason harris is desperate to gain notoriety as an electronic gamer to redeem his family after his parents die in a car crash – but he can only succeed if he keeps the details of that tragedy secret.

The premise of the novel is based on Galvin’s 30 years of work in the corridors of power in Washington and Silicon Valley, and explores capitalism on the run, the emergence of a corporate watchdog state, and the impact on the lives of young people when they are raised by their parents to be just a financial asset.

Auction, which is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, garnered stellar reviews ahead of its release:

“Chez Tom Galvin AuctionIt’s 2050 and a cabal of huge corporations is bidding on the future incomes of 22-year-old captives, with devastating consequences. Our unlikely hero is Sacha’s Cross, a former child actor trying to escape his past. Galvin’s story is an elegant labyrinth of double-faced characters and malicious overlords that deliver a frightening accusation of modern capitalism “- Bryan gruley, Pulitzer Prize winner, Edgar Prize nominee and author of Famine lake trilogy.

“A breathtaking premise with characters that make them want to take root, Auction is an urgent and exciting race “- Morgan baden, author of THE BEEHIVE, a best book of the fall of 2019 from People magazine.

that of Tom Galvin Auction is fantastic. It’s a fascinating sight of a society that puts a price on everything, including its people. It’s a fascinating and terrifying tale that ends with a surprising and satisfying ending. I couldn’t put it down “- Lisa Zupan, executive producer of “PS I love you.”

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On Tom galvin

Tom galvin relied on his career as a journalist and technologist to create a disturbing, yet realistic vision of a future society with his novel Auction. As a journalist, he has covered the White House, Congress and the presidential elections, and his stories and opinion pieces have appeared in hundreds of publications, including United States Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News. As a strategist in Silicon Valley in the early days of the internet, he witnessed the rise of technology, with all its promises and pitfalls. In his spare time, he supports his five children and the New York Mets.

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