This Lathrup Village bookstore fills its shelves with African-American literature

Books can be magical. They can take you to distant places, to the past, to fantasy lands or even to the future. They can teach you something about yourself or the world, and one thing that can make books even more powerful is if you can see yourself reflected in the pages.

This is what a local book lover wanted to see more of; African-Americans in literature, so she opened her own bookstore.

“I would be one of the kids who ran into the library instead of out to play with mud and dolls,” says Janeice Haynes, owner of Detroit Book City.

Although she always loved books, they didn’t become her job until later in life.

In 2017, while working in graphic design and looking for a change, she decided to go back to her old love books. She decides to attend several library sales to start her collection.

“I walked in and saw a lot of African American books that hadn’t been touched, they were just sitting there,” Haynes says, so she decided to buy them all with self-help books, practical and career advice.

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Now that she had the books, it was time to sell them. Her first event was at Laurel Park Place, but the event didn’t go well.

“Nobody bought a book,” Haynes recalls.

She didn’t let that discourage her. Going back to her roots in marketing and graphic design, she decided to organize a big book fair with local independent black authors. Over 60 authors answered his call and they hosted a very successful event at the Northwest Activity Center with over 2,500 people in attendance.

She knew she was onto something and it wasn’t long before she opened her own home. Now it is located on Southfield Road in the village of Lathrup.

“You want a book about African Americans, you want to learn more about our cultures, our trends, our societies, our histories, you can find it here at Detroit Book City,” Haynes says.

Detroit Book City is home to several genres of books, including children’s books, novelties, history, fiction, non-fiction, urban romance, and more. They also organize several events, many of which take place in schools.

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For the full story, watch the video above.

Detroit Book City is located at 27260 Southfield Road Suite. 201 in the village of Lathrup.

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