This family home in Gandhidham displays contemporary opulence

Gandhidham’s house: the kitchen

The design of the kitchen is simple and elegant with the storage requirement in mind. A quartz countertop and marble flooring are some of the key materials used in this space.

Gandhidham Home: the bathrooms

A neutral palette has been used in all the bathrooms. The chevron pattern is used for the bathroom flooring of the youngest son. Both wire bathrooms have walk in closets which add the functionality factor.

Gandhidham’s house: the terrace

The terrace is designed to be an extension of the social life of the family. A black stone-clad bar with a herringbone wood backdrop and outdoor furniture are part of the space. A wooden herringbone partition serves as a backdrop for the seating, as does the fluted wood ceiling.

Gandhidham’s house: the staircase

The staircase culminates in the living room. “The veneer paneling is made to enhance the entrance to the staircase. White marble is used for the staircase with an asymmetric pattern. The view from the staircase is enhanced with the designer light fixture used in the center, ”says Nair.

Gandhidham Home: the family room

The family room on the first floor connects the three bedrooms: the master bedroom, the oldest son and youngest son bedrooms. The family room seating has a relaxed feel with a fluted pattern used on the ceiling. A whiteboard is attached to the wall opposite the seat of the projector. This space defines the story of a beautiful family story through its interior design.

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