The series does not follow the novel

CMAthe new adaptation of Interview with the Vampire is an absolute sensation. The series, based on the novel by Anne Rice, follows the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson), a young man who, in his prime, is turned into a vampire by his bloodsucking lover. , Lestat de Lioncourt. (Sam Reid).

The fans are really delighted with the seriesbut it does not follow the novel.

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AMC’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ is updated for the 21st century

Although AMC uses the bones of Rice’s novel to Interview with the Vampires structure, the series is updated for the 21st century. This time, the story of Louis begins in the 20th century, in 1910 to be exact. In this show, he is a black man who has made a name for himself and a fortune in the red light district of New Orleans.

However, everything changes for Louis when he becomes the object of the desire of a certain Lestat de Lioncourt. Before Louis knows it, he becomes delighted with Louis and is turned into a vampire.

Race and dates aren’t the only things that differentiate the series from Rice’s novel.

The series does not follow the novel

A ton of liberties were taken the Interview with the Vampire series. On the one hand, Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian), the journalist to whom Louis tells his story, has a much more important role in the series. Moreover, Daniel and Louis have a past.

Rice’s novel opens in 1791, where Louis owns a plantation. However, showrunner Rolin Jones said he wasn’t interested in telling a plantation story. Instead, he moved the story forward in time, over 100 years, and moved Louis to Storyville in New Orleans.

Louis’ family also gets more real estate. There have always been affluent black people in this country, so it was important for the show to be featured. There’s Louis’ brother, Paul (Steven Norfleet), his mother, Florence (Rae Dawn Chong), and his sister, Grace (Kalyne Coleman). Since Louis is determined to stay in touch with his family, audiences see his struggles even after his transformation.

Finally, the audience also gets Lestat’s point of view in the series, which does not happen in the novel.

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“Interview with the Vampire” will have a season 2 on AMC

Since the show is already garnering buzz and critical acclaim, AMC has already renewed Interview with the Vampire for Season 2. Fans know that Louis and Lestat’s romance is destined to implode, but it’ll be even more exciting to see their story expand into another season.

Plus, the introduction of the couple’s adopted vampire daughter, Claudia (Bailey Bass), and what she becomes should make things even more fascinating. “The scope and scale of this show, and what Mark and Rolin have delivered, is nothing short of staggering,” Dan McDermott, president of original programming for AMC Networks and AMC Studios, said in a statement to Variety.

He added, “This is just the beginning of an entire universe with exciting stories and characters that capture the spirit of Anne Rice’s incredible work.” Fans should also note that the producers will debut Witches of Mayfairadapted from Rice, in 2023.

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