The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art showcases new works by New York artist Brad Kahlhamer and Mesa-based artist


The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art presents “Brada ?? Kahlhamer: Swap Meet”, from February 26 to October 9, 2022. The exhibition includes a central installation consisting of a mobile home caravan studio with an integrated proscenium for children. performances and several new series of sculptures, in addition to paintings and drawings.

Brada ?? Kahlhamera ?? exhibited for the first time at SMoCA in 2004 with the immense success “Let’s Walk West”. For his second SMoCAa ?? – almost 18 years later – Kahlhamera ?? draws his inspiration from the ethnographic experience of fieldwork during swaps meet across the South-West, with which he has been involved since his childhood.

“Although he is best known for his expressive paintings, drawings and sculptures, part of his practice involves exploring social spaces that exist outside of the mainstream. The title “Swap Meet” suggests the possibility of transactions, in addition to transnationalities, of re-use and recycling, of movement and the absence of borders, ”said Natasha Boas, guest curator of“ Swap Meet ”.

Kahlhamera ?? is an Aboriginal person adopted in infancy by a German-American family; his biological parents and tribal affiliation remain unknown to him. It is in this identity space without nation that the artist created what he calls his itinerant practice of “nomadic” contemporary art.

The social and cultural space of exchange meets models and feeds Kahlhamer’s artistic practice in various mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and music. At the crossroads of various Amerindian cultures and his own culture as an artist, “Swap Meet” becomes Kahlhamer’s meditation on a contemporary nomadic and intersectional condition which involves a social network of individuals of ages, status of residence, of different class and race. a??

The gallery will include a new series of “Zombie Botanicals” made from parts of dried saguaro cacti, “Nomadic Studio Sketchbooks” with drawings from his travels, paintings, a large-scale kinetic dreamcatcher sculpture, a catcher- American flag dreams and new rock carvings titled “Geological Studies / Mesa Gardens”, among other items.

“Museum enthusiasts will most likely feel like they are part of Brad Kahlhamer’s gallery exchange meeting – a participatory community space that activates thought and meaning,” said Boas. “The curator and artist hope the exhibition will inspire people to think more carefully about identity and nomadicity and what it means to be ‘American’ today. ‘Swap Meet’ is a space where all the different segments of American history come together. “

Kahlhamer invites young Navajo country music star Dirt Rhodes to perform at the March 4, 2022 opening night celebration of “Swap Meet”. Dirt Rhodes is influenced by native rock and country bands of the past like the Zuni Midnighters, The Nomads and Sidney Poolheco. Dirt Rhodes creates original music that resonates with bands and artists who combine lo-fi garage rock, country and surf rock with lyrics that reflect their Indigenous heritage, pride, and the growing movement for rights and sovereignty. natives in the 1960s and 1970s. As a musician himself, Kahlhamer strives to provide opportunities for young artists to perform. Other related programs will be announced during the exhibition.

“The ‘Swap Meet’ exhibition aims to create a new place of conversation around Kahlhamer’s place in recent art history,” said director and chief curator Jennifer McCabe. The idea for the exhibition, book, and curatorial project arose out of visits between the artist and curator from 2019 to 2021, including visits to the Apache Trail Swap Meet on East Main Street in Mesa, AZ. We aim to provide opportunities for artists to develop their practice, and as a mid-career artist of national and international significance, we are honored to entrust the SMoCA Galleries to such a stimulating and talented artist as Brad Kahlhamer. . “

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated artist’s book published by Temblores Publicaciones, the publishing house of Terremoto, in Mexico City. The book features writings by the curator of the exhibit in addition to Gerald Raymond McMaster, a Cree plains member of the Siksika Nation, curator, artist, scholar and chair of Indigenous visual culture and curatorial practice at the University. OCAD, Canada; and New York-based Mexican writer Eva Mayhabal Davis, curator, co-director of Transmitter and founder of El Salón.

“Brad Kahlhamer: Swap Meet” is organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and invited by Natasha Boas, PhD. Support for the exhibition of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the visual arts.


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