THE DUEL plays tomorrow at the LA Shorts Festival in honor of the late hero

In 2019, Chris Dennis, affectionately known as “Hollywood Superman”, passed away after more than two decades of bringing joy to fans, and the documentary’s first short film, The dual screens tomorrow.

The LA Shorts Festival takes place tomorrow, revealing plenty of entertainment to come. When it comes to superheroes, there’s one particular project comic book and DC fans might want to seek out.

American Superman: The Duel comes out tomorrow for the first time. Whereas american superman is a full documentary, The dual is a short film that comes out before the end of the film.

Focusing on and celebrating the life of the late Chris Dennis, also known as “Hollywood Superman”, the feature-length documentary chronicles how an average American went through ups and downs while bringing everyday happiness to people.

The documentary also focuses on Dennis’ issues with drugs and prison during his homelessness and how people supported him to bring him back to entertainment. We all encounter problems in one form or another, and tomorrow’s short premiere, The dual, is just a taste of a documentary that shows the life of the average American becoming a superhero and refusing to give up.

The director had the following to say about the project. “My plan is to complete and present ‘AMERICAN SUPERMAN’ to the world so that people can see the life and struggles of this amazing guy whose childhood was very brutal and instead of becoming a bad person, he chose to be a better man and became Superman.

His goal was to always help and entertain people and make them smile and be happy. But like any other artist, he didn’t have much going for him because he was spending all his energy on other people. When Chris was out of his costume, he transformed into this abandoned and abused child. He was fighting his demons – mental illness and addiction. I want people to see this story because Superman has always been a symbol of hope, and I want people to find that hope again.”

What do you think of this project and the director’s comments? Are you going to be listening or are you skipping the event?

Regardless of your thoughts, check out the teaser for American Superman: The Duel below and share your views in the comments!

Christopher Dennis is a Hollywood Superman working on Hollywood Blvd for over 25 years. In the morning, he wakes up in his seedy apartment and receives an eviction notice from the manager. He doesn’t even have food in his refrigerator, however, he continues his routine – he dresses up as Superman and goes to Hollywood Boulevard to play the character of his dreams.

There’s Oscar prep underway at the Dolby Theater and Christopher hopes to offer some advice to curious tourists. He ends up meeting the famous Italian actor Franco Nero and hopes that this successful man can give him a big tip.

American Superman: The Duel plays tomorrow at the LA Shorts Festival.

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