Symposium on multi-domain integration held at the Defense Academy

The students of the Defense Academy’s Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC) had an intense five weeks. This is the first course to undertake the new Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) module, which included lectures from world-renowned experts, interactive workshops, industry tours and research sprints, and has now concluded with an MDI symposium in Shrivenham.

At the symposium, ACSC research groups faced a panel of senior leaders from across defence, as well as experts from industry and academia, and were invited to present their findings on a range of topics that could have a significant impact on the future of defence. These included promoting an integrated culture in defense and broader government, command and control in the information age, and integration lessons learned from the current crisis in Ukraine.

With over 250 students from all three services, as well as officials and international staff from over 50 countries, the MDI module benefited from a great diversity of thoughts and opinions. Additionally, students were encouraged to challenge the status quo and used a wide range of research methods to inform their findings and proposals.

However, this exercise was not purely academic, as the students’ valuable insights will be presented to senior defense counsel, and their work will also help guide the direction of MDI’s change agenda.

The module was also not purely classroom, and ACSC students had the opportunity to visit industrial sites to learn about their approach to collaborative work and explore their technical solutions for integration.

They also spent two days studying the technique of “useful fiction”, that is, the use of fictional narratives to bring strategy and concepts to life. This technique will be critical as we strive to effect the culture shift required to embed an integrated mindset.

People are the most important asset of defense, and the Defense Academy ensures that our people are at the forefront of military thinking in a changing world. This module is a clear example of the Defense Academy delivering innovative solutions to our most pressing defense and security challenges.

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