Suvendu slams Mamata’s speech at Bose event, Madan Mitra hits center

A war of words ensued between Trinamool’s ruling Congress and the BJP over Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday celebrations on Sunday after Assembly Opposition Leader Suvendu Adhikari attacked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about her speech at an event to mark the occasion. .

Banerjee said, “Near Digha (in Purba Medinipur), there is a bridge named Pichhabani Setu. Freedom fighter Matangini Hazra fought bravely against the British army on this bridge and never gave up even in the face of their bullets.

To this remark, Adhikari retorted, “Did the ‘compartmentalized’ chief minister pass her history exam only once? Or does she think all of our freedom fighters are just fictional characters? »

“Matangini Hazra died on September 29, 1942 in Banpukur; Tamluk, facing a barrage of bullets as he led a procession towards the Tamluk police station. Did (the) compartmentalized CM fail his history exam once or does he treat freedom fighters as fictional characters? Adhikari tweeted.

“Who gave you the right to twist history? Please unconditionally apologize @MamataOfficial; to twist the facts to your liking. Pichaboni (literal meaning – we will not back down), in Ramnagar Block derives its meaning from the Laban (Salt) Satyagraha movement,” the BJP leader wrote further.

Meanwhile, Trinamool MP Madan Mitra hit out at the Center saying, “Netaji is not a servant of Narendra Modi or the central government. ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ has a special meaning. Suddenly it was turned off. The Modi government is playing with Netaji’s legacy.

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