Subaru of America and AAAS Announce 2022 Winners of SB&F Award for Excellence in Science Books

The 2022 winners include books covering biomimicry in nature, the history of vaccinations, important biological knowledge, and learning to read and observe the sky in the name of discovery. This year’s winning titles will add to an exemplary list of more than 64 books, which have been awarded since the award’s inception in 2005. Winners will be recognized at the AAAS Annual Meeting to February 17, 2022at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Panels of librarians, scientists and educators evaluate work to ensure it is age-appropriate and presents accurate science without spreading misconceptions or stereotypes. The award categories also include these criteria: picture books should strive to show how the natural world can pique the curiosity of young readers, while books for older readers will foster understanding and discussions around scientific ideas. Practical science books should encourage problem-solving techniques and inquiry-based activities.

The 2022 awards were given to:

science picture book for children
Mimic Makers Inventors of biomimicry inspired by naturethrough Kristen Nordstrom and illustrated by Paul Boston. Publisher: Charlesbridge.

Follow 10 real scientists, engineers and designers who practice biomimicry by imitating plants and animals to create amazing new technology. Panelists chose this picture book because it illustrates how careful observations of nature by scientists and engineers lead to unique design and invention to solve real-world problems. It gives young readers practical advice and encourages them to create their own solutions. “The secrets of nature await you.”

Author Kristen Nordstrom is a founding member and full-time teacher at Ladera STARS Academy, a STEAM school, teaching biomimicry and other science subjects. This Title One public elementary school was created by a group of dedicated teachers and a principal, to bring the power of practical science to second language learners and students with socio-economic difficulties. Illustrator Paul Boston is the author and illustrator of Make your way, Find your way under the seaand many other children’s books.

Intermediate level science book
A bullet in the arm! Big ideas that changed the worldthrough Don Brown. Publisher: Amulet Books.

Explores the history of vaccinations and the fight to protect people from infectious diseases leading to the COVID-19 pandemic, touching on the science behind how our immune system works, the discovery of bacteria, and the anti-vaccination movement. Panelists shared that this graphic novel is a timely resource for children, making important connections between science and its value to society.

Don Brown is the award-winning author and illustrator of numerous graphic novels and non-fiction picture books. His books have been called “masterful” and a “must have for young people’s graphic collections”.

Science book for young adults
Great adaptations: star-nosed moles, electric eels and other tales of the mysteries of evolution solved, through Kenneth Catania. Editor: princeton university Hurry.

Telling the story of his work as a biological detective, Catania sheds light on the mysteries behind the behaviors of tentacle snakes, tiny shrews, zombie-producing wasps and more. It shows not only how studying these animals can provide insight into the evolution of life, but also how scientific discovery can be filled with adventure and fun. Panelists noted that this book is filled with curiosity, wonder, and exploration. The stories also convey the dedication and perseverance often required to do science, as well as the thrill of learning something new.

Ken Catan is considered an expert in extreme animal behaviors and studies specialized species to reveal general principles about brain organization and sensory systems. Catania obtained a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland, a Ph.D. in the neurosciences of University of California, San Diegoand he is the Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University.

practical science book
Gazing at the Sky: A Guide to the Moon, Sun, Planets, Stars, Eclipses and Constellationsthrough Meg Thacher. Publisher: Storey Publishing.

A highly visual guide to observing the sky with the naked eye, kids will dive into the science behind what they see, taking tours of our solar system and deep space, and information about the formation of the moon terrestrial, eclipses, aurora borealis and meteor showers, all accessible to children from 9 to 14 years old. Panelists noted that the book is an accessible introduction to astronomy for children. It’s a good balance of astrological information, age-appropriate activities, and focuses on developing the skills needed to complete the activities. That’s what a hands-on activity book should be.

Author Meg Thacher is a lab instructor at Smith College astronomy department and academic director of the science and engineering summer program for high school girls at Black-smith. A regular contributor to national science magazines for children, she leads astronomy workshops for school groups and scout troops. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Carleton College and a master’s degree in astrophysics from Iowa State University.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with AAAS as part of our Subaru likes to learn initiative, and we know the books on this year’s list will influence generations to come in science,” said Thomas J. DollPresident and CEO, Subaru of America, Inc. “Ensuring children have access to these important resources is so critical to the future of our country that it inspires greater interest in STEM fields.”

“We are proud to honor these winners with Subaru, celebrating authors and illustrators who make great contributions to science by educating and engaging children and young adults to spark their imaginations in hopes of a brighter scientific future” , said Sudip S. ParikhCEO of AAAS and Executive Editor of Science family of journals.

The Subaru and AAAS partnership goes beyond honoring the best children’s science books. They have collaborated on projects and resources that foster connections between authors, readers and educators. With many students learning from home over the past two years, AAAS has created more than 120 resources, including STEM hands-on activities and blog posts, along with career interviews with STEM professionals and job profiles. award-winning authors – some of whom have been translated into Spanish.

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