Street Food Cinema returns to Santa Monica in February – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • The pop-up drive-in cinema is located at Santa Monica Airport
  • “La La Land”, “Encanto” and other films are on the program, from mid-February 2022
  • $20 car entry, $8 per person (both required); food trucks will visit each screening

There are so many wonderful and even whimsical ways to connect flying machines to wonderful films.

You can watch a movie on an airplane, either via the large screen at the front of the cabin, the small screen on the back of the headrest in front of you, or even on your phone.

You might want to watch a movie on an airplane, the kind of high-flying fantasy Hollywood has long loved creating since the Oscar-winning “Wings” took flight in 1927 (but surely before even then, of course).

But the ability to connect to fictional worlds outside of an airport is a rather surreal cinematic experience.

Consider this, though: airports are well-established portals to other places, making them a perfect place for a pop-up drive-in theater, which is also a portal to other places.

Santa Monica Airport has become a cinema under the stars over the past two years, thanks to the charming presence of Street Food Cinema.

The group of moviegoers has long run outdoor screenings, the kind where you could lounge on a picnic blanket while watching, but moved to drive-ins a few years ago when indoor theaters took over. temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

And after a short break during the 2021 holidays, the drive-in adjacent to the plane will be back from mid-February 2022.

What about the sparkling and fun program of the film? So many award-winning favorites, new classics and feel-good comedies.

“La La Land” will dance a few days after Valentine’s Day on February 19, while “Encanto” will be packed with Bruno sightings and Casita-cool magic on February 26.

Other movies set to unfold under the sky soon include “Coming to America,” “The Sandlot,” and “Purple Rain.”

The cost per car? It’s $20, and each person in the car will need a ticket (they’re $8 each).

And while there is no traditional concession stand, food trucks will be present at each screening.

If you’re hoping to reignite drive-thru joy before mid-February, head to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, which will host Street Food Cinema the weekend before Valentine’s Day for a host of adorable and fun-filled treats. ‘love. Galentine themed movies.

More info on this commitment? Turn the eyes of your heart in this direction now.

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