Steelers Fact or Fiction: Eating Crow Edition

There is always so much to say when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But black and gold investigations are constantly evolving, especially this week with the departure of David DeCastro, the arrival of Trai Turner and St. Vincent College on hold. It seems that the musical selection that best matches this week’s fact or fiction might be the Boyz II Men’s End of the road.

Here is a sample …

We belong together

And you know i’m right

Why are you playing with my heart?

Why are you playing with my mind?

I said we would be forever

I said it would never die

How could you love me and leave me

And never say goodbye?

When I can’t sleep at night without hugging you tight

Girl, every time I try I fall apart and cry

Pain in my head, oh, I’d rather be dead

Turning around and around

Although we have come

Until the end of the road

I still can’t let go

It’s against nature

You belong to Me

I belong to you

You can ponder the meaning or ask yourself if these sayings really relate here. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to listen to sweet jams. But anyway, there is surely something to wonder about. BTSC tries to answer some of the poignant questions in advance. Hear some bold statements on this and more as we call them fact or fiction.

Are we on point? Only time will tell.

Sometimes the author is wrong / David DeCastro is done with the Steelers


Boy, did I pull the ultimate blunder last week? I said there was absolutely no problem with David DeCastro and the Steelers. I asked fans and my fellow BTSC contributors to take a step back, relax, and consider the facts. I even quoted a song by Annette Funicello and captioned the article Don’t jump to conclusions. Well, Doordash gives me an order of Crow Nuggets and I’m going to eat it whole. David DeCastro couldn’t do more with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact, it could be grievances filed with the team. The main thing remains that there was a hell to accompany the smoke of the obligatory minicamp and my wife is still right in the assessment that I am wrong … AGAIN.

Signing Trai Turner was the best decision the Steelers could have made


There are a lot of fans and media out there who think the Steelers panicked and made a rash move by signing Trai Turner so quickly. There is also a story that Turner is terrible, especially against the race because of the PFF rankings. Here is the deal, Pro football Focus is not the end of everything and being everything, Patrick Mahomes has just denounced PFF this week. But most crucially, the Steelers have had more than a week to assess Trai Turner’s worth to the team. DeCastro was lost to the Steelers with a third ankle surgery on the horizon. The fivefold younger Pro Bowl selection that is introduced in the Steel City is the best possible replacement for DeCastro at a bargain price of $ 3 million. At the end of June, what are you waiting for? BTSC editor-in-chief Jeff Hartman posted an article this week listing other available guards. Trai Turner might not work out, but he’s hands down the best opportunity for the Steelers to get past great David DeCastro.

Kendrick Green could start the season as goalkeeper


The question was raised the other night on Steelers preview on whether the Steelers would take Kendrick Green, the Steelers’ third-round pick at center, and move him to custody as a backup plan if Trai Turner falters. It wouldn’t be ideal. The Steelers got a better game from BJ Finney the first time around in Pittsburgh and if Green is ready to start he would be better served playing the position he was drafted for.

Steelers free agency purchases will heat up


Thus, the Steelers ended up with more salary cap after taking into account the whole situation of David DeCastro / Trai Turner. According to BTSC editor-in-chief Dave Schofield, managing director Kevin Colbert has around $ 13.1 million to work under the cap. The Steelers still have depth needs in certain areas such as the defensive backfield and EDGE linebacker points. Renowned players such as Justin Houston, Brian Poole and Malik Hooker have been brought up and are still not affiliated with another team. Do I expect the Steelers to be like my daughter who constantly needs to buy something or anything to relieve the burning of birthday money in her pocket? No, I don’t. The Steelers will do their due diligence to review these players and see if they actually fit their schedule. As fans we find out that these guys are available and we want to sign them immediately without carefully considering why they are in the market. In the end, I think the Steelers will miss out on these guys and settle for the Cassius Marsh and Arthur Maulet of the world.

Not training at St-Vincent College will not affect the success of the team


I went to Saint-Vincent College several times when I was a kid in the 1980s. My father has been away quite a bit over the past decade. It’s a great experience for the fans. It is also an economic boon for Latrobe businesses. For that, I am saddened that the Steelers will not be holding training camp there for the second year in a row and the second instance since 1967. But I cannot ignore the fact that it is in fact a welcome decision for them. players. They don’t need to stray from the comfort of their family and home for nearly a month and sleep in the discomfort of dorm life. The Steelers front office doesn’t have to worry about the logistics of sending them there, when they have the facilities they own in Pittsburgh. Players on social media were delighted to hear the news. Even if it goes against the traditions of the Rooneys and the team, the performance of the Steelers 2021 will not be hampered at all.

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