SCOPE presents its housing concept “Life at its best”

Since their launch in 2019, property developers SCOPE Co., Ltd have been trying to push the boundaries of contemporary residential developments by combining three facets: location, design and brand distinction.

Instead of producing homes for the masses, SCOPE sets itself apart by focusing on bespoke projects that are never repeated, but all display the brand’s signature approach to contemporary design. Their ‘Life at its Best’ concept caters to a new base of ‘international quality’ consumers who are looking for quality accommodation that meets world-class standards and can meet the specific needs of this group of people.

SCOPE will see the completion of two lucrative projects worth over 10 billion baht by the end of 2022, both located in high-potential locations in the heart of Bangkok. The first, SCOPE Langsuan will be one of the most expensive condominium projects in the Kingdom, with 133 units spread over 34 floors. The second, SCOPE Promsri is an eight-storey low-rise condominium with 146 units.

SCOPE’s vision is rooted in the desire to strike a balance between modern architectural and interior design and designs that will remain timeless in the future. Each project is the fruit of more than 30 years of experience accumulated by the SCOPE team. In addition to this, the team has also collaborated with leading consultants, designers and companies from around the world, including those with offices in Rome, London, New York and Sao Paulo.

SCOPE has also worked with world-renowned KPF who have worked on prominent real estate projects such as the famous Hudson Yards in Manhattan; The Lotte World Tower, which is the tallest building in South Korea; the International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong’s tallest and largest skyscraper; and the Shanghai World Financial Center.

CEO, Khun Yongyutt Chaipromprasith

Speaking of SCOPE’s unique approach to curating a high quality lifestyle through creating homes that are not only stylish, but also meet a specific set of needs related to their target consumer, CEO, Yongyutt Chaipromprasith, said in translation: “We are committed to delivering a great life experience to our international premium segment customers, who can best be described as next-generation customers who have seen the world a lot and have discerning tastes. We believe this group of people are looking for homes that meet world-class standards and have a taste for the style of design that we aim to achieve at SCOPE.

Beyond the look and feel and the excellent choice of locations, there are other factors that make the “SCOPE life” tempting. For example, each project is designed with the aim of providing high standard facilities and services to meet the needs of those living in the project and to maintain privacy while doing so. Examples of these services include housekeeping, a receptionist, full security, and 24-hour pick-up service to ensure daily tasks run seamlessly.

For more information on the two upcoming SCOPE developments, call 02 028 9788 or visit Browse their social platforms on Facebook: @scopecollection and Instagram: @scopecollection

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