Science fiction and mystery unite in “Memories” with Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is now part of a complex sci-fi plot in Reminiscence, “When you meet Nick Bannister, my character, he appears to be a sober, aloof, impenetrable and even cynical man. Then he gradually breaks up since he fell in love and it is an essential part of this love story full of mystery, towards the center he begins to be obsessed with the disappearance of the mysterious woman with whom he fell in love “, The actor said in an interview with El Heraldo de México, referring to his work with director Lisa Joy.

The film in the film reflects a world closer to our reality than universes commonly presented in science fiction films, and that was the central focus of Joy, who was one of the creators of the popular Westworld series and faced with the challenge of directing a feature film, points to the restoration of lost memories.

The plot places Nick Bannister (Jackman) as a detective specializing in helping his clients find memories, As Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) is a woman who steals her heart and one day disappears without a trace, Nick sets out on a journey to find out more about the life of this mysterious girl.

“The story is sometimes not easy to follow, suddenly Nick is sucked into a constant whirlpool, it was fun to play, even if Sometimes it was difficult to decipher the text, because Lisa is exceptional ”, Jackman pointed out when referring to the complex plot of the film.

Collect the memories of the Australian translator with Rebecca Ferguson, her longtime co-actress on The Great Showman, has a very different story than this production., but their common denominator is the protagonist’s obsession with a mysterious woman.

For Jackman, it’s always adventurous to see a finished movie for the first time, “It’s not always easy for me to see them sooner, When I first saw this production, I didn’t make it on the big screen because of the pandemic, and I can’t wait to see it in theaters, because this title was made for that purpose.. Memories presents a great world based on science fiction, ”the actor concluded.

The data

  • He was nominated for an Oscar for his work on Les Misérables.
  • His most famous role is that of Wolverine in X-Men.
  • He has presented the Tony Awards four times.


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