Salem’s Lot Movie Tie-In Edition Novel Cover Teases Upcoming Remake

The New Line Remake Salem Bundle is only a few months away, but promotional material for the movie has been remarkably sparse so far. Written and directed by Gary Daubemanthis will be the first major film adaptation of Etienne Kingis an acclaimed vampire novel with some real horror firepower behind it and a solid cast, but there hasn’t been a word about the movie for some time. Enter a new movie related release from King’s original book to finally preview the upcoming release.

The new release, scheduled for August 2, 2022, comes equipped with a new cover that serves as the first real-life image of the upcoming remake. It shows the film’s main cast standing near a sign welcoming main character Ben Mears’ (Lewis Pullmannlisten)) birthplace of the Lot of Jerusalem. The eerie Marsten house towers above them on a distant hill, shrouded in a light mist and sporting absolutely devilish glowing windows. With darkness shrouding its characters and the eerie blue-green hue of the sky above them, it’s enough to create a spooky, suffocating atmosphere that mimics the evil that looms over the city. Disconnected from the book, it would serve as a satisfying poster for the film.


Salem‘insert focuses on Mears as he returns to the Jerusalem Lot needing an idea to base his next book on. In particular, he is interested in the dilapidated old house of Marsten and its history in “the Lot”, but on investigating further he discovers that a great evil has taken hold of the town. With the help of a small team of trustworthy locals, he hopes to banish the vampire menace that has plagued the city and turned many of its citizens into creatures of the night.

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modern horror legend James Wan produced the film which stars Pullman alongside Makenzie Leigh, Alfred Woodard, Bill Camp, Jean Benjamin Hickey, Nicholas Crovetti, Jordan Preston Carter, William Sadler, Spencer treats Clark, Cade Woodward, Debra Christoffersonand Pilou Asbaek. Dauberman enters Salem Bundle off to write another King adaptation in both This movies as well as directing Annabelle Comes Home.

Despite being the first to hit the big screen, and therefore the first to get a tie-in to a book like this, Dauberman’s adaptation of Salem Bundle is the third screen performance of King’s bestselling novel. The more remarkable of the two is Tobe HooperThe 1979 adaptation that aired as a two-part miniseries on CBS and earned three Primetime Emmy nominations. The Other, which aired in 2004 and featured Rob Lowealso earned Emmy consideration.

Salem Bundle released on September 9.

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