Sale “Contemporary Curated” by Robert Pattinson Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s recently called on Skepta to curate a selection of artworks for its “Contemporary Curated” sale, including the rapper’s first painting, Mom goes to the market, which sold for £81,900 GBP / $94,656 USD. As a follow-up, the auction house enlisted the creative prowess of acclaimed British actor, Robert Pattinson, who similarly flexes his curatorial eye.

Energy, dynamism and sensuality are several dominant themes that unite the work that Pattinson has chosen – from a mythical bronze portrait by Thomas Houseago to more abstract compositions by Willem de Kooning, Richard Serra and Julie Mehretu, among others. . “There are certain paintings where it seems like the work almost created itself… like [Alberto] Giacometti’s sculptures. It’s always like he found them somewhere within himself,” Pattinson said.

The actor and producer goes on to say that each painting he chooses feels like there’s a story to tell, like that of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. old rope, 2006. “It tells a story in color and texture and you feel that there is a past and a future in a painting. I think I like that a lot,” Pattinson added.

The “Contemporary Curated” exhibition will be on view at Sotheby’s New York Outpost from September 24-29, while the sale will begin September 30 at 10am EST (Lots 1-106) and 2pm EST (Lots 201-323 ) that will accept advance, mail-order, telephone and online auctions.

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