Richard Powers, Pulitzer Prize winner, presents his new novel, “Perplexity”

In “The Overstory”, novelist Richard Power told a gripping, multigenerational story about the relationship between humans and trees. The latter protects the former, but only a few of the former protect the latter.

The book, Powers’ twelfth novel, earned him literary acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize. But he Recount The New York Times that after the success of “The Overstory” he considered retiring from writing novels. The response to the book was overwhelming and exhausting …

“I thought, maybe that’s it, maybe I earned the right to just enjoy the woods. Why do we have this idea that artists must continue? he said. “The problem is, I wrote a book that asked a very difficult question, which is why are we so lost and how can we go back? I thought, now that you’ve asked the question, why not write a story about what this change would look like? “

Powers is now back with “Bewilderment”, his next novel. It tells the story of a young boy and his father who are both appalled by the state of the world. Trumpian President claims election fraud is occurring, wildlife is disappearing at alarming rates and extreme weather events are worsening. To escape, the two together explore imaginary planets in their minds.

“Disappointment” by … through wamu885

Extract of Perplexity: a novel. Copyright (c) 2021 by Richard Powers. Used with permission of the publisher, WW Norton & Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

Like “The Overstory”, “Bewilderment” is not only a work of fiction, but also a commentary on the relationship of humans to Earth and other species. He was appointed to List of Booker Prize winners and the Long List of National Book Awards.

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