Renaming a line sparks interest in the history of Andhra Pradesh in the 90s

VIJAYAWADA: The political controversy over the removal of the name of NTR to give the name YSR to the health university has sparked new interest among young people to learn the political history of Telugu State – mainly from the 1990s including the infamous “coup” against the NTR government.

Many are visiting online and internet social media platforms to find out what happened. Young people today are mostly unaware of how NTR was ousted from power.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had on the last day of the monsoon session of the PA Assembly passed the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (Amendment) Bill 2022. He deleted the name “Dr NTR” and included the name “Dr YSR”. at University. This, after fiery scenes created in the assembly by the deputies of the TD.

In addition, Health Minister Vidadala Rajni and CM Jagan highlighted past statements and displayed on the screen of the assembly the title of a Deccan Chronicle interview with Chandrababu Naidu published some 25 years ago. In this, Naidu had claimed that TD no longer needed NTR and was tarnishing the former CM’s image.

The videos and clips of these have gone viral due to the live broadcast and young people have shown keen interest in learning more while browsing the internet. Those born after 1990 began to wonder about contemporary political history.

Young leaders active in the youth wing of a political party, P Srinivas and Sk Basha, said that the younger generation does not know much about political history, but broadcasting such news and clips video aroused their interest in knowing the truth.

They said that Naidu’s coup to dethrone NTR and his statement calling NTR an immoral person, Naidu’s seizure of TD of party founder NTR and suspension of TD founder were all matters of surprise to those who have scoured the net for the details in recent days.

Young P. Rajesh and D. Kasi said they did not know that the addition of “Dr” to the name of NTR Health Sciences University was done by YS Rajasekhar Reddy and who also gave the NTR name to the Telugu Ganga project.

They said surfing the internet also helped them learn about alleged plots to overthrow chief ministers during the tenures of the United PA Congress, as well as the communal riots in Hyderabad during the tenure of Marri Chenna’s government. Reddy.

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