“Rekindling Christmas” is a heartwarming daytime fiction program

Michael Patrick Lane and Ashley Atwood in “Rekindling Christmas”. Photo courtesy of “Rekindling Christmas”

“Rekindling Christmas,” starring Ashley Atwood and Michael Patrick Lane, is a heartwarming daytime drama program. Digital Journal has the recap.

It was directed by James Ganiere and it was written by Rebekah Ganiere. It’s one of those movies that deserves to be on Hallmark on Lifetime because of its poignant vacation topic. It was nominated for a 2021 Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Daytime Fiction Program”, and rightly so.

Ashley Atwood plays teacher and author Annika Marshall, Michael Patrick Lane plays former football star Jesse Winchester, Christian Ganiere plays Anniak’s son TJ Marshall, and Disney star Raini Rodriguez plays Carrie, Jesse’s assistant.

Other cast members include Nickelodeon star Thomas Hobson as Allistair, Sal Velez Jr. as Dean Samborn and child actress Stella Grubb as Lizzy.

Annika Marshall and Jesse Winchester were the quintessential couple at the time of their studies. A week after their engagement, Jesse was drafted into the NFL and never returned.

Fast forward many years later, Jesse is back in town with a knee injury and his only goal is to lead a more modest life and win back his college girlfriend, Annika. Without revealing too much, it is a family film that is worth the detour.

The verdict

Overall, “Rekindling Christmas” is a charming and heartfelt holiday flick, ideal for the whole family. Ashley Atwood looks lovely as Annika and commends James Ganiere for his direction and vision for this film; plus Rebekah Ganiere’s script was solid.

Michael Patrick Lane and Raini Rodriguez also earned Emmy nominations for “Best Leading Actor” and “Best Supporting Actress” respectively for their performances, especially since Raini’s character was the voice of reason. Michael Patrick Lane was able to humanize Jesse, he highlights his flaws and layers, while making him accessible.

Christian Ganiere and Stella Grubb should also have been nominees for the Emmy Awards in the “Younger Performer” category. The entire cast brought something unique to the table. The message and the overall theme of this film, which emphasizes love and family, is quite inspiring. “Rekindling Christmas” receives 4.5 stars out of 5.

“Rekindle Christmas. “Photo courtesy of” Rekindling Christmas “

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