Red Lobster Now Sells Frozen Cheddar Bay Cookies

Red Lobster brings its Cheddar Bay cookies to the frozen section. The company said it will be making ready-to-cook versions of the restaurant’s favorite this week. It’s not uncommon to read on social media that people are going to buy only the cookies of a red lobster. But, now they can crack things up in just 15 minutes at home. Red Lobster once sold a mix that you can put together and throw in the oven. But, some consumers would obviously prefer to take the frozen ready-to-cook option if it were available. Once they posted the new box art to Instagram, fans flocked to comment on the latest offerings. As more people eat at home over the past year, it makes sense to increase some of these grocery deals as they make it easier for shoppers to get hold of the cookies. It’s also worth noting that there are more Walmart locations than Red Lobsters, which might entice people who don’t have a restaurant nearby to check out the brand. A pretty nifty gesture from the seafood titan. Check out the post below:

They wrote on Instagram: “Cookie lovers rejoice! It’s easier than ever to enjoy everyone’s favorite cookies in the comfort of home with the launch of frozen, ready-to-bake Cheddar Bay Biscuits® cookies. Now available exclusively at Walmart stores! “

Red Lobster also included instructions on how to bake the cookies. People are also raving about these delicious pastries on social media.

“Now available exclusively at Walmart stores, the new frozen cookies are inspired by the famous Cheddar Bay cookies which are hand-mixed and fresh every 15 minutes in the kitchens of Red Lobster restaurants,” they said in a statement. A perfect addition to any meal or a quick and easy snack solution, the new ready-to-bake Cheddar Bay Cookies go from the box to the baking sheet to the table in under 30 minutes – no work. baking or mixing required. Cookie lovers can indulge in the goodness of cheese whenever you feel like it, just preheat the oven to 350 degrees and place the individual pre-made cookies on a baking sheet. pastry lined with parchment paper and bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until lightly browned. brush cookies with melted butter mixed with the attached sachet of herb and garlic seasoning and enjoy . It’s simple !”

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