Reality or fiction: JT Tuimoloau is a fat skinny from the state of Ohio

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam gorney and recruitment analyst Adam friedman in the same way Joseph hastings from and Mike Singer from discuss three recruiting topics and determine whether or not they believe each statement.


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1. JT Tuimoloau should be considered a skinny fat guy from the state of Ohio at this point.

JT Tuimoloau
JT Tuimoloau (

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. There are always a lot of questions about recruiting JT Tuimoloau because even when he talks about his favorite schools he doesn’t say much to make it seem like he’s leaning one way or the other. But I still believe Ohio State is the favorite. Get coached by Larry johnson is a big deal and there are rumors that a silent engagement could have been made while he was in Columbus. I wouldn’t be shocked if Tuimoloau went to Oregon. It makes sense. But for now, I would consider it a big fondness for the Buckeyes.

Hastings’ point of view: FICTION. First off, I want to make it clear that I’m not saying Tuimoloau shouldn’t be considered Ohio State Lean. I’m just saying that he shouldn’t be seen as a “heavyweight” with his decision around the corner. Tuimoloau and his family haven’t let anything filter out regarding his recruiting, and their interactions with the media have been rare. Therefore, it is difficult to get a clear idea of ​​what recent events have meant for each of the schools that recruit him.

Did things go so well with Oregon that they climbed to the top and effectively canceled the Alabama official? Does this one really boil down to Ohio State and Oregon, or are his other two options – USC and Washington – legitimate contenders for his services? Too many questions lurk in this recruiting for me to say anything definitive, but I’m leaning towards the Buckeyes right now.



2. After visiting North Carolina this weekend, the Tar Heels are leading for Travis Shaw.

Travis Shaw
Travis Shaw (

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. I’ll believe it when I see it. North Carolina is doing a fantastic job recruiting Travis Shaw and the Tar Heels are quite the top with Clemson for Shaw’s services, but to say they are leading I’m not sure yet. Especially if Shaw waits to make his decision later in the recruiting process, Clemson still has plenty of time to regain some ground and Georgia cannot yet be counted either. If North Carolina lands the five-star defensive lineman, I wouldn’t be shocked. But I will never remember Clemson, especially for a local prospect and who has already been so interested in the Tigers.

Friedman’s point of view: MADE. Longtime favorite Clemson appears to have lost some of his momentum since Shaw visited for the ‘elite retreat’ three weekends ago. Georgia and North Carolina have hosted him on several consecutive weekends since his trip to Clemson and both trips have really impressed Shaw and his family. At this point, the number of times Shaw has been to Chapel Hill, combined with the momentum the Tar Heels gained from his time on campus this weekend, indicates that North Carolina is currently in the lead. . There’s no set decision timeline, but since naming his top four earlier this month, Shaw’s recruiting has accelerated dramatically. A commitment can arise at any time, but he is not afraid to wait to make sure he chooses the right school.



3. It would be a big surprise if five star OL Zach Rice chose Notre Dame.

Zach Rice
Zach Rice

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. After his weekend visit to South Bend, I would not qualify Notre Dame as a favorite but the Irish are now squarely in this recruitment. Not only did Zach Rice and his family have a great visit to Notre Dame, the tradition and development of the offensive line cannot be overlooked. I still think North Carolina and Virginia have the edge in recruiting Rice, but Notre Dame has come in and won a lot of recruiting battles and I would definitely say the Irish are very close to the top after this trip.

The singer’s point of view: FICTION. I don’t think it would be a major surprise if he chose Notre Dame given that he has the Irish in his top five and paid an official visit there last weekend, but he seems more likely to end up elsewhere at this point. Notre Dame absolutely impressed him and his family on his official visit, and the Irish have some momentum ahead of a few weeks of a dead spell as they got his last visit in June. Will this be enough to deserve his commitment? We’ll have to see.


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