Reality or fiction: Alabama has a real chance to land five stars Zach Rice

National Director of Recruitment Rivals Adam gorney and recruitment analyst Sam spiegelman in the same way Andrew Bone from and Matt Moreno from tackle three topics in recruiting and determine whether or not they believe each statement.

1. Alabama has a very good chance of landing five-star OL Zach Rice.

Zach Rice (

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. I still think North Carolina and Virginia are probably the two favorites for Zach Rice at this point, but I will never count on Alabama for a prospect in the country, especially after an official visit and especially after a visit that is going so well. Of Nick saban Across the entire staff there is an aura about Alabama that spreads with many rookies who used to have a top roster and then everything changes after a visit. I’m not 100 percent convinced of what’s going on with Rice because others have caught her a lot of attention, but Alabama is a contender. If they pushed even harder, the Crimson Tide could definitely land it.

The bone point of view: MADE. Rice made her maiden trip to Tuscaloosa last weekend. He said he was “speechless” when Alabama proposed it in May 2020. It was a bit surprising when Alabama didn’t make its original top eight, but the tide continued. to chip away at its recruitment. Alabama entered the top five and received an official. Rice and her mother were blown away by the data Alabama showed them, from graduation rates to the low injury percentage on the team. Alabama appear to have taken a very big step in recruiting after the weekend at T-Town. It’s hard to say who’s in charge of Rice at this point, but Alabama has established themselves as a very serious contender for his signing.



2. The four-star WR Tetairoa McMillan could really go to Arizona.

Tetairoa McMillan
Tetairoa McMillan (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: MADE. I’ve been doing this for a long time and Tetairoa McMillan is one of the most unique prospects when it comes to recruiting. He doesn’t talk much about his favorites and it looks like he’s definitely going to stay in the Pac-12, but it wouldn’t be a complete shock if he chose a national schedule. He’s just hard to read because he doesn’t talk much about his favorites. I know for sure that USC is very high and could be very hard to beat. But he had a great time in Arizona and Noah Fifita is a huge factor here. For a player like McMillan, I don’t think recognition of the school’s name is as important to him as comfort with the staff and the environment and that’s why the Wildcats have a real kick.

Moreno’s point of view: MADE. Jedd Fisch and the new staff have already managed to attract big names to campus this month, but none have been ranked as well as McMillan. It’s not uncommon for Arizona to attract high-profile recruits to campus for official visits, but getting them to enlist has been a different story. This one feels different. The key, of course, is the engagement of quarterback Noah Fifita. He is McMillan’s teammate and close friend, and Arizona rolled out the red carpet for this duo along with their Servite teammate Keyan Burnett. The attention to detail during the visit was something that seemed to really touch the group. Adding McMillan’s commitment will absolutely be a challenge, but the interest seems a lot more realistic and genuine than most other high-profile recruiting battles Arizona has been involved in in the past.



3. Walter Nolen is the best defensive tackle in the 2022 class.

Walter Nolen
Walter Nolen (Nick Lucero /

Gorney’s point of view: FICTION. After Walter Nolen’s performance at the Future 50 where he dominated and showed elite athletic ability in the middle, it’s hard to say no here. But I always give Travis Shaw the slightest advantage because with pads, in game situations, the prospect of Greensboro (NC) Grimsley is so scary and dominant, so fast and so tall at the same time, that I get him. would always have no. 1 at the station. But Nolen is really, really close. This is going to be a debate throughout the last few leaderboards and I fully understand why some prefer Nolen but Shaw is special in so many ways too, and his size mixed with power and speed sets him apart.

Spiegelman’s point of view: MADE. The argument is there. To be fair, I haven’t seen Shaw play live yet, but Nolen has been absolutely dominant this offseason, including the Future 50 recently. Despite his massive size, Nolen is particularly agile and powerful, bends well, and can force the problem over the edge and anywhere inside. He has quick hands and a knack for finishing. He is one of a handful of players who should be mentioned as a possible best player in the country along with Quinn Ewers and Travis Hunter.

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