professional wrestler Mick Foley enjoys new career as a successful writer | Books

“It was a lot of fun and way too far away to see people,” said Foley, four-time World Champion and WWE Hall of Fame member. “I started doing book signings and comic book conventions a few weeks ago, but there’s nothing quite like the rush to get on stage and make people smile or laugh or sometimes squeak. teeth.”

They might cringe upon hearing about the experience of winning the IWA King of the Deathmatch tournament as “Cactus Jack” in Japan. It was during this time that he defeated three opponents in fights that included a barbed wire bat, barbed wire plank, bed of nails, and C4 explosives.

They might cringe if he shares the story of when he lost most of his right ear in a game in Germany or suffered 11 chair kicks – most to the head – during a memorable match against The Rock. And it’s still hard to see the Undertaker throwing him through that 20-foot-tall steel cage that was mentioned earlier.

But those moments were an integral part of his legacy, which Foley crafted around the creative side of entertainment. The violence required meaning in the performance and was something he was always willing to risk to make sure his vision was presented in the right way.

“When I did what would be called death matches, it was a weird form of surreal art,” Foley said. “You literally have a blank canvas, and you fill it with objects, heart and desire, and you hope in the end that you’ve left something that people can remember.

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