‘Police Officers, Our Friends:’ Eddie Montgomery writes a children’s book about the police

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – A country music artist from central Kentucky has released a new children’s book that he hopes will teach children to trust and support law enforcement.

Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry, co-author of “Police Officers Our Friends!” It takes place in his hometown of Danville. The timing for this book comes as a community in Kentucky needs support.

It has been nearly two weeks since the deadly ambush in Floyd County killed three officers and a K-9. We saw so much support in this area last week at the funerals of these officers. Montgomery said he hopes this book teaches children the value officers have to communities.

“Our guys, and our girls, are our American heroes, and they’re getting bad press. I just got fed up and got fed up myself. We thought, you know what, it’s time,” Montgomery said.

The book is co-written by Randy Graham and illustrated by Michael Southerland. It explains the roles of the police in communities and encourages children to support and respect them.


“You know, because when they come to a red light and they don’t know if it’s going to be a friend stopping next to them or an enemy shooting at them or something,” said Montgomery.

On Monday, Floyd County District Attorney Keith Bartley called for continued support for the community as departments mourn their losses.

“It’s absolutely amazing… From my perspective, the support that these families and these police departments have received,” Bartley said. “I’ve seen people from almost every state in America come to this funeral. And that’s great. But for me, it’s the support they get after this is all over.

Bartley said he was concerned about the lasting effects the shooting will have on departments as officers leave the force and fewer come in to replace them.

“I believe you will have a bit of an exodus of people leaving the policing community. I believe you will be hard pressed to find people willing to do these jobs in this area. And so, I think the impact can be forever. Certainly, in the long run,” Bartley said.

It’s a disturbing shift that Montgomery hopes his book will turn the page on.

Co-author Graham said they wanted communities and police to feel a sense of ownership of the book and use it for community policing and relationship building between families and their local services.

You can order “Police, our friends” online by clicking on this link.

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