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Just another contemporary Poconos home? Well, as Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details”. And the details on this one set it above the crowd.

There are thousands of homes like this located all over the Poconos. But there are very few that match this home at 5447 Woodland Ave., Pocono Pines, PA 18350 in quality of materials and workmanship. | Photos: Roz Wasserman, Pocono Dream Home

Ho-hum. Another Friday, another contemporary home in the Poconos.

Well, before you jump into last Tuesday’s trinity tour or this weekend’s Shore home, I recommend you give this Pocono Pines new construction home for sale a good look.

Why? The reason should be obvious from the photo above. Poconos homes are great deals for three reasons: The first is that land, materials, and labor cost less up there than they do here in Greater Philadelphia. Another is that there’s still plenty of land to build on, which means Poconos builders can satisfy the demand for second homes by building more homes – the Shore is overbuilt as it is.

The third is that most Poconos builders build homes that are good enough – no more, no less. This home rises above that standard, as a look at its exterior should show.

This Lake Naomi home is the product of a custom builder called Pocono Dream Home. Roz Wasserman and her husband Mike started this business about a quarter century ago after moving to the Poconos from New York’s outskirts.

“My husband was in real estate and I was in show business, believe it or not,” she says. “I was a publicist and talent manager for years. I worked with all the celebrities.

There came a time, however, when she sought a less frantic atmosphere.

“I was a city dweller and I wanted this rural atmosphere,” she says. “I had a lot of friends who told me I had to explore this area and I fell in love with it.”

Although she was a publicist, Wasserman also knew real estate and development, and the couple took up construction. Most homes built by Pocono Dream Home are – what’s that British term the fashion press uses all the time? Oh, yes, “tailor-made”. It’s a fancy way of saying that people come to them to have a house built to their specifications.

But they also build the occasional house “on estimate”, that is to say without knowing in advance who will want it. I strongly suspect that by the time you’re done reading this and looking at the photos, you’ll want it.

house for sale pocono pines new construction living room, kitchen, bedroom

(From left to right) Living room, kitchen, bedroom

What you should notice right off the bat is the quality of the materials that were used in the construction of this house. They are a cut above what you see in most Poconos homes of this type.

“Everything we do is custom woodworking,” says Wasserman. “Everything we do is top of the line.”

house for sale pocono pines new construction kitchen and living room

Kitchen and living room

Including the stone fireplace in the two-story living room, the chiseled granite countertops in the kitchen and the stained knotty pine planks that give warmth to the four-season room outside the living room.

house for sale pocono pines new construction four season bedroom

four seasons room

Speaking of warmth, the windows in this home are triple-glazed European windows. These will help you reduce your energy bills.

bedroom and kitchen four seasons

Four seasons bedroom, living room and kitchen

And ceiling fans in the living room and at least two of the bedrooms will also help your air conditioning system run more efficiently.



The attention to quality is reflected in the tiling of the bathrooms, which feature decorative pebble bands and shower floors.

master bedroom

master bedroom

Another thing you might notice about this Pocono Pines new home for sale is its blend of contemporary style and traditional details, like the turned wood stair railings and the crown molding on the dining room tray ceiling. master bedroom.

I’ve seen this combination in a handful of other contemporary Poconos homes. The difference here is that Pocono Dream Home performs it a bit better.

rear elevation and terrace

Rear elevation and patio; the patio has a hot tub and fire pit

“We’re mixing it all up and taking it to a new level because what we’ve realized is that a lot of people like it, but a lot of other builders haven’t,” Wasserman says. According to her, many buyers in the city are looking for just that mix of traditional and modern styles.

Most of the homes built by Pocono Dream Home are in Lake Naomi, which is full of contemporary style homes. Mike Wasserman says Lake Naomi accounts for about 99% of the company’s business. And they get a lot of business from buyers who then refer their friends to the business.

In that case, if you find that new construction home for sale in Pocono Pines appealing, you might want to call Pocono Dream Home ASAP because chances are someone else in Lake Naomi directed one of his friends. to her already.



THERMES: 2 full, 1 half



OTHER THINGS: Not mentioned in the listing is the $840 annual homeowners association fee, which covers safety and security services and a capital reserve contribution (Tobyhanna Township maintains the Pocono Pines roads). And, since this house is at Lake Naomi, you also have the option of joining the Lake Naomi Club if you wish. Information about the club, its facilities and its membership, including dues and application fees, is available on the Lake Naomi Club website.

5447 Woodland Ave, Pocono Pines, PA 18350 [Pocono Dream Home via Zillow]

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