Photo from the set of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters shows the Mockingbird Lane sign

Horror filmmaker Rob Zombie is giving fans a taste of The Munsters’ Mockingbird Lane with a new road sign for the upcoming film adaptation.

Horror filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie took to social media to show off the fictional Mockingbird Lane road sign. The street is otherwise known as the home of The Munsters, the classic monster family television series from Universal. Zombie is working hard on the first film adaptation of IP since 1966 Munster, go home!, and the process involves rebuilding the famous Munster House as well as the Mockingbird Heights neighborhood.

Previously described by Zombie as a project he has been pursuing for 20 years, a film adaptation of The Munsters isn’t exactly on everyone’s radar. The series, while successful at the time, finally had a short but sweet ending in 1966 after just two seasons. Nonetheless, the series continued to thrive through syndication and the release of several direct-to-video or made-for-television films. There is certainly a dedicated fan base to the series, although it is often overshadowed by the more familiar The Addams Family, which had the same initial two-year period as The Munsters, but who has also returned several times over the years and enjoyed moderate success with a live-action movie franchise that peaked in 1993.


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To date, Zombie has been very successful in keeping fans updated on the progress of The Munsters, with plenty of photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the shoot provided via her Instagram account. Film on The Munsters takes place in Hungary, and the entire Mockingbird Heights district was built there as well. The most recent look at the film’s progress once again comes from Zombie’s Instagram, the filmmaker posing next to the Mockingbird Lane road sign:

With all it takes to get The Munsters From the ground up so far, it looks like Zombie is really going all out on this project. That makes sense, given the filmmaker’s penchant for the original series. At the same time, however, die-hard fans of The Munsters One could forgive for being a little nervous about the evolution of the Zombie adaptation. As a filmmaker, Zombie’s track record is less than impressive, and the fact that his films find their greatest appreciation as niche horror offerings is charming enough, but not the kind of reception an adaptation. modern of The Munsters requires.

But of course, just because Zombie’s past offerings haven’t been everyone’s cup of tea doesn’t mean he’s incapable of making a successful adaptation of The Munsters. It is precisely because The Munsters isn’t a niche horror concept that Zombie has a chance to take his cinema to somewhere new. There is no doubt that an IP address as old as The Munsters He has a dedicated fan base who only wants the best for him, and Zombie definitely considers himself to be part of that fan base. Ultimately, that could be what takes the film to the next level, offering something for fans and Zombie that gives the franchise a new direction.

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