Pearl Academy Bengaluru: A contemporary creative education center in the heart of the city

With Pearl Academy opening its new campus in Bangalore last year, creative young minds don’t have to look any further. Dr Sanyogita Chadha, campus director of Pearl Academy- Bengaluru, shares what makes the institute synonymous with creative education par excellence.

In photo: Dr Sanyogita Chadha, Campus Director – Pearl Academy, Bengaluru Campus

1. First, tell us about the city’s Pearl Academy campus.
We are thrilled and delighted to be at “Namma Bengaluru” because the city has invited us to be here in so many ways.
Pearl Academy has been booming for 28 years and attracts young creative minds from South India including Bangalore and other parts of India. After evaluating the consistently positive response and making a void for a world-class creative education institute, we have decided to open our new campus here.


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The first founding batch joined the 2020 academic year with an overwhelming affirmation from students and parents. The Pearl Academy campus is located on the iconic Residency Road, next to the Opera House. If you are in the area you can’t miss it!

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2. What programs are offered on this campus?
All of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of our School of Design, School of Fashion, School of Contemporary Media and School of Creative Affairs are taught at the Bengaluru campus. The curriculum and pedagogy are centrally designed by our school deans and academic teams in consultation with the advisory board we have established for each school. Renowned industry experts sit on these advisory boards, including Sunil Sethi, President-FDCI, Dr Roopak Vasishta, CEO-Apparel Sector Skills Council, Mohit Soni, COO- Media & Entertainment Skills Council and the fashion designer JJ Valaya. On the Pearl Academy Bengaluru Advisory Board, we have eminent experts such as fashion and style guru Prasad Bidappa, designer and founder of ABD design studio, Abhijit Bansod, Arun Sirdeshmukh, Head, Amazon Fashion and Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation Officer at Tech Mahindra.

Take a virtual tour of the Pearl Academy, Bengaluru campus:

3. Students always want to know about scholarships. Could you please share the details?
As part of the Pearl Academy’s “We Care” initiative, we have announced up to 100% scholarships to support students affected by the pandemic. Up to 100% scholarships on an all-inclusive package will be provided to the wards of people who lost their lives due to COVID-19 and were the sole breadwinners. A scholarship of up to 20% on one-year tuition fees will be offered to wards of COVID frontline warriors (doctors, nurses, employees of municipal agencies, military, paramilitary, police, etc.). To thank teachers for their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic, up to 20% of one-year tuition scholarships have been announced for their wards. These scholarships are available to the current group of students and new students who register with us this year.

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“Who’s Next” is our merit-based scholarship program where Pearl Academy offers up to 100% scholarships to the top 100 creative students who register with us for the UG and PG programs. Students who apply to us during the next cycle can benefit from the “We Care” scholarships or the Who’s Next scholarships depending on the eligibility criteria.

4. If given a choice, students look for opportunities to gain global exposure and access international educational institutes. Does Pearl Academy facilitate this and how?

Yes, we are very aware of the overall aspirations of the students. We facilitate their international degrees at recognized international universities based in UK and Australia through our academic partnerships. These include Torrens University, University of Derby, Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent University and the University of the Creative Arts.

Students have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree by continuing the first three years of their program at the Pearl Academy and undergoing a progression transfer to one of these international universities in the final year.

5. What kind of infrastructure and facilities can students expect at Pearl Academy- Bengaluru?
This is a brand new campus with advanced studios, fashion labs, state-of-the-art “Glam Labs”, fully equipped multimedia labs, a newsroom, an editing room, rooms. recording, a Mac lab, Wacom labs, a manufacturers lab, and other collaborative spaces. These are equipped with the latest tools and technologies that help students turn their unique ideas into extraordinary solutions. The academic team is strong as the faculty members have deep and extensive knowledge and experience. We understand that innovative education needs an open, inclusive, contemporary and technology-driven environment, given the digital age we live in. We have focused on providing an ecosystem that allows students to free their imaginations, declutter their minds, and unleash their potential.


6. How have you ensured continued learning for your students over the past year?
As students study from home in virtual mode, all of our efforts have provided them with an immersive online learning experience to keep them engaged. In addition to virtual courses and assessments, the institute has created
Instagram based learning modules. Masterclasses for students have been organized by experts from renowned international universities such as the Royal College of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University and Solent Southampton University. Industry-exclusive sessions were held for Pearl Academy students with Snapchat India, WACOM, Association of Designers of India (ADI), Fashion Revolution and Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), Amazon India, Lifestyle and many more others.

Pearl Academy is the only creative education institute to achieve a perfect score of 150/150 for online learning and is QS I.Gauge E-Lead certified.

7. Finally, tell us more about home studio kits. How did the institute come up with this unique idea?


Hands-on learning and hands-on experiences can make all the difference for any student, but these are even more critical for someone pursuing a creative agenda. They need tools and equipment to shape their ideas and bring their imaginations to life. With COVID-19 resulting in the closure of campuses and facilities like studios and laboratories, students, especially freshmen who began their journey with us on the Bengaluru campus in 2020, would have been lost without a working understanding of concepts and topics that are new to them. As a solution to this problem,
Pearl Academy had the idea of ​​home studios. We figured if the students aren’t allowed to come to campus and access the labs, why not help them set it up in their homes. We took a long-term view of the situation and realized that a home studio is a great way to allow them to learn at their own pace and practice as much as they want even after the campus reopens.

These home studio kits, developed in consultation with the academic team, vary according to program and curriculum requirements. They include Wacom tablets, sewing machines, fashion mannequins / mini dress shapes, drawing boards, hand knitting devices, block printing kits, Arduino kits, software stacks , sketch kits and more.

In addition to this, students have access to the full Adobe Creative Suite, Business of Fashion, Coursera, WGSN and the digital library to complement in-class lessons.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of the Pearl Academy by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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