Partnership to use a multi-target approach for the discovery of new cancer therapies Labmate Online

UK biopharmaceutical company PhoreMost and US quantum computing drug design company Polaris Quantum Biotech are combining their technologies for the research and development of next-generation oncology therapies derived from targets previously thought to be non-drug.

Under the terms of the agreement, the POLARISqb Tachyon ™ platform will be used to scan billions of molecules from a vast chemical space, looking for new molecular drugs based on the information obtained from the platform. SITESEEKER® form of phenotypic screening from PhoreMost. The increased power of the quantum computer is expected to dramatically shorten the drug discovery process, thanks to the ability to perform combinatorial optimizations in minutes, which would take supercomputers months, if not years. classic.

“This collaboration is an important milestone for POLARISqb,” said Dr Shahar Keinan, CEO of POLARISqb. “Quantum computing technology is maturing, allowing us to revolutionize drug discovery times and budgets, while improving the overall profile of designed drugs. PhoreMost’s experience and speed of technology is a perfect match for POLARISqb and we are delighted to be working together. ”

Dr Chris Torrance, CEO of PhoreMost, commented: “This partnership represents the ultimate ambition of any collaboration between biology and technology, where the full diversity of newly identified drug disease targets generated by the PROTEINi biological form libraries can henceforth to be married to the most logical. and a quick way to find them small molecule drugs. This world-class intersection between biotechnology and AI will be an exciting and transformative step for the entire pharmaceutical industry. “

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