Paris art fair resumes activities after COVID break

After missing a year, the annual rendezvous of the contemporary art world in Paris comes back to life with a feast of visits, negotiations and social gatherings – and a nod to the impact of COVID-19 in some of the works on display.

Participants in the International Contemporary Art Fair, which hosted dealers and VIPs on Thursday and opens to the public from Friday, must wear masks and prove they are vaccinated, while 43 of the 170 participating galleries exhibit their works only online – a legacy of the pandemic. But otherwise, the event, in its 47th edition, is pretty much back to normal, according to organizers and attendees.

“Despite the masks, we’re having a good time. And we’re really happy. Most of us haven’t seen each other for two years,” said Bellatrix Hubert, Senior Associate at the David Zwirner Gallery. Exhibits include works by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, as well as creations from the COVID-19 era, including “New ID Photo”, a bust of French President Emmanuel Macron with a void in the shape of a surgical mask carved into her face by Paris -based on Chinese sculptor Wang Du.

Participants said that figures from the art world in Europe and the United States were present in substantial numbers, while there were still few visitors from Asia due to concerns over COVID-19. (Written by Christian Lowe; edited by John Stonestreet)

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