Neumora expands its precision neuroscience pipeline with a new M4 receptor modulator program through an exclusive licensing agreement with Vanderbilt University

Neumora to Develop and Commercialize M4 Selective Muscarinic Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator Program for Schizophrenia and Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Neumora Obtains Two New Series of M4 Receptor Modulator Compounds in Late Preclinical Development

WATERTOWN, Mass., February 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neumora Therapeutics, Inc. (Neumora), a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering precision medicines for brain disease through the integration of data science and neuroscience, today announced a exclusive worldwide licensing agreement and research collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (WCNDD). Through the licensing agreement, Neumora obtains worldwide development and commercialization rights to the new positive allosteric modulator (PAM) program of the M4 muscarinic receptor discovered in the laboratories of Craig W. Lindsley, Ph.D., Director of WCNDD of Vanderbilt, and Jeffrey Conn, Ph.D., Director Emeritus. The agreement includes two new series of compounds in late preclinical development that have demonstrated robust activity in preclinical efficacy models, as well as high selectivity for the M4 receptor subtype, potential for enhanced DNA profile safety relative to other compounds in this class, and a once-daily oral dosing profile.

“We founded Neumora with the intention of creating a world-leading precision neuroscience company to revolutionize the treatment of brain diseases. To date, we have rapidly expanded our pipeline targeting a wide range of underserved neuropsychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases,” said Paul L. Berns. , co-founder, president and CEO of Neumora. “This agreement with Vanderbilt allows us to expand our pipeline with a clinically validated approach and a new series of compounds to treat schizophrenia, a debilitating neuropsychiatric disorder for which current treatments remain inadequate. We believe that applying our precision neuroscience approach will allow us to develop new precision medicine from this M4 program for neuropsychiatric disorders.”

“Compounds targeting muscarinic receptors have achieved clinical validation as a novel treatment approach for schizophrenia, with the potential to treat other neuropsychiatric disorders such as dementia-related psychosis and cognitive impairment, where innovation stagnant for decades,” said John M. Kane. , MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. “The development of new treatments for schizophrenia has been challenged by the heterogeneous nature of the disease. Dissecting this heterogeneity with prognostic and predictive approaches, for example through the identification and use of novel biomarkers, digital tools and patient phenotyping, offers the potential to illuminate new avenues for the treatment of schizophrenia. “

The research collaboration will support ongoing preclinical work at WCNDD to advance the rescue series of highly selective M4 PAM receptors. Neumora advances the main series toward nominating a development candidate. Neumora plans to develop the M4 receptor modulator program for the treatment of schizophrenia leveraging its proprietary data science platform, designed to identify and define target patient populations.

“A growing body of evidence supports the role of muscarinic M4 receptors in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. Preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that activation of M4 receptors through selective positive allosteric modulation can result in antipsychotic-like efficacy with potential improvement in safety over current antipsychotics and other non-selective agonist approaches,” said Craig W. Lindsley, Ph.D., director of Vanderbilt’s WCNDD. “Our lab at WCNDD has been a pioneer in the discovery of new drug candidates targeting the muscarinic receptor system with the potential to treat a range of central nervous system disorders.We believe that Neumora is the optimal collaborator to further develop and commercialize this program given the world-class team and unique capabilities that Neumora has built by integrating the science expertise of neuroscience data and drug development.”

About Neumora

Neumora Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering precision medicines for brain disease through the integration of data science and neuroscience. Neumora is redefining neuroscience research and development with a data-driven precision neuroscience platform to reduce brain disease heterogeneity to match the right patient populations with targeted therapies. Neumora’s precision data science platform integrates multiple data types to define patient subtypes through the development of Data Biopsy Signatures™ and Precision Phenotypes™. Neumora is relentless in its commitment to discovering, developing and commercializing targeted therapies for people living with brain diseases. Neumora operates in the Greater Boston Area and South San Francisco. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter: @NeumoraTx.

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