Leeum Museum of Art collaborates with Naver TV and offers a special opening on December 27

A view of the installation “Modern and Contemporary Art” at the Leeum Museum of Art (Leeum Museum of Art)

Leeum Museum of Art will air its two permanent exhibitions on Naver TV showcasing its collection of keys and offer viewers the opportunity to visit the exhibits in person for a special museum opening on December 27.

One of the best private museums in the country, the Leeum Museum of Art has seen its popularity increase since it reopened on October 8, with reservation times allowing 600 people to visit it daily.

The museum currently has two permanent exhibitions of Korean traditional art and contemporary art. The special “Human, 7 questions” exhibition will run until January 2, 2022. The two permanent exhibitions have been reorganized with new collections for the first time in seven years, coinciding with the renewal of the museum.

The contemporary art exhibition will air Monday at 8 p.m., while traditional art will be on display on December 27 at the same time, with curators providing explanations on key pieces in the collection. During Monday’s exhibition, the museum will offer a link to make a reservation to visit the special exhibition inaugurated on December 27 for a maximum of 600 people in order of registration. The museum is generally closed on Mondays.

The Korean Traditional Art Exhibition features a total of 160 works, including state-designated national treasures such as “Gourd-shaped Ewer decorated with Lotus Petals” and “Taoist Immortals” by famous Joseon painter Kim Hong -do. The contemporary art section includes 76 works by Korean and international modern and contemporary artists.

The museum reopened after a lobby renovation and an upgrade of its digital services after it closed on February 25, 2020 due to the pandemic.

The museum’s recently opened Leeum Store has become a must visit for visitors who want to shop for handicrafts made by Korean artists. Entrance to the museum is currently free in commemoration of the reopening. The livestream can be viewed at tv.naver.com/leeummuseumofart.

By Park Yuna (yunapar[email protected])

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