Jolina Magdangal channels her inner Woo Young Woo

The collage shows the photos of Jolina Magdangal and Park Eun-bi as a lawyer. Courting. (Screenshot photos by ABS-CBN Entertainment/YouTube, Netflix/Released and Jolina Magdanga/Instagram.

Momshie Jo to the Li to the Na?

Actress Jolina Magdangal has channeled its interior Woo young Woothe female lead of the hit series Kdrama”Extraordinary Prosecutor Wooin her recent Instagram post.

Magdangal impersonated the popular character with bangs by wearing a purple blouse, floral skirt and black high-heeled loafers.

“Hulaan niyo Sinong peg ko sa huling picture,” Magdangal wrote on Instagram along with whale emojis.

“Pasensya na po.. Super love her,” the TV host noted.

The drama tells the story of a smart attorney with autism named Woo Young Woo played by Eun-bi Park. Woo is also fascinated by whales and advocates for their welfare.

A Facebook page also posted a photo showing Jolina and Woo’s likeness.

The comments section was filled with inside jokes regarding the drama.

“Hanbada law is shaking”, the Facebook page said jokingly, alluding to the fictional law firm where Woo works.

“Extraordinary Prosecutor. Choova Choo Choo”, an online user said.

“Extraordinary momshie woo young woo after the trial hahaha”, a Facebook user said.

“Mangandang buhay yoo young woo imnida” an online user said.

The Korean series releases new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday on netflix.

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