Is Virgin River a real place? (Does Virgin River, California exist?)

A new season of Virgin River is now streaming on Netflix and has once again reminded us how beautiful the series’ backdrop is.

The picturesque town that serves as the backdrop and inspiration for the name of the show never fails to take your breath away with its beautiful landscapes and peaceful views. The show does a truly mind-blowing job of pulling you in and making you want to book a trip to Virgin River to unplug and enjoy the beauty of the quaint Southern California town.

It’s easy to see yourself enjoying a hike in the woods, relaxing with a book by your cabin’s fireplace, or popping in to see some friendly faces at Jack’s Bar.

There’s just something magical about the city, which is why many fans wonder if it’s a real destination they can visit with their family. So can you book a trip to Virgin River, California or the town, another example of a fictional town created for a show?

Is Virgin River, California a real place?

Sadly, lower Virgin River, California doesn’t exist and you won’t find it on a map of the United States because it’s a fictional town created in the pages of Robin Carr’s books that inspired series.

Although you can’t find Virgin River on a map of California, you can technically still visit the quaint town that serves as the backdrop for the hit Netflix series! The series is filmed in northern Canada, with Vancouver and British Columbia serving as the series’ backdrop.

Interestingly, there is a Virgin River which is a tributary of the Colorado River that flows through the states of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona and was named Utah’s First Wilderness and Scenic River in 2009.

Virgin River season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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