Hollie Kikel is featured in the Inspirational # 1 International Best-seller Book, Short Sweet & Sacred

Hollie Kikel is presented with 51 life coaches who share their true and authentic stories of becoming more in a short, sweet, and sacred way.

Roswell, Georgia – Short Sweet & Sacred: 52 uplifting stories of life coaches who overcame and went from blockage to success topped the bestseller lists in a number of categories in several countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and more.

Author Hollie Kikel shares her story with other life coaches in this wonderful book designed to give the reader a quick dose of inspiration.

Short Sweet & Sacred features a variety of topics including marriage, death, divorce, illness, self-discovery, career changes, minority victory, mental health, divine schedules and more.

Through this inspiring and authentic collection of international stories, readers will get a glimpse of moving professionals who uncover their dream careers, find courage after divorce, go through grief, celebrate victories as a minority, navigate their way. sanity, find true love, experience miraculous changes in health, and everything in between.

The book was designed for readers to discover through these stories that they can design a life that brings joy no matter what they are going through.

Short Sweet & Sacred: 52 uplifting stories of life coaches who overcame and went from Stuck to Success is available on Amazon.com

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