Four Irish novels shortlisted by libraries for prestigious Dublin Literary Award

LIBRARIES HAVE NOMINATED four Irish novels for the 2022 Dublin Literary Award longlist.

The four Irish novels are among 79 works of fiction shortlisted for the prize, which comes with a prize of €100,000 for the winner.

The nominated novels are:

  • This is Sarah Crossan’s hive
  • The Art of Falling by Danielle McLaughlin
  • Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan
  • Donal Ryan’s Strange Flowers

Dublin City Council today announced the long list, which has been compiled by 91 libraries from 40 countries, each of which can submit a novel.

Pre-selection will follow on March 22. Worth €100,000 for the winner, organizers say it is the world’s most valuable annual prize for a single work of fiction published in English.

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If the winning work has been translated, the author receives €75,000 and the translator €25,000.

In 2021, four Irish novels made the longlist and one was shortlisted – Colum McCann’s Apeirogon.

Previous winning titles include Anna Burns’ Milkman and Mike McCormack’s Solar Bones.

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