Florida Politics Reads Like a Carl Hiaasen Novel

The longer I live in Florida (44 this month), the less ridiculous I find Carl Hiaasen’s works. Think about it, if someone told you that a new bestselling novel was based on our political landscape…

One of our US senators, a former two-term governor, used his oversight of his company’s theft of billions of dollars from our retiree health funds (Rick Scott and Medicare) as a positive for political office ( which has been embraced by many Florida Republicans). Now our two political parties have nominated a man with Nazi-like policies (Ron DeSantis) and a big party fan, flop between parties like a fish out of water (Charlie “The Chameleon” Crist). One would think that the author of such an improbable scenario must be drugged.

I used to think Hiaasen’s novels were hilarious; unfortunately, reality has reduced them to little more than news clips.

Michael Dalton Maitland

Floridians know who Governor Ron DeSantis is. He’s a staunch Republican who makes his own decisions based on Florida’s best interests. Those who vilify him are simply afraid of him. But it’s hard to say who the many-faced Charlie Crist is. He has previously run as a Republican, an Independent and now a Democrat. As he sways with the political wind, it is unclear which party Crist will represent by the end of the campaign.

JoAnn Lee Frank Clear water

As usual, Governor Ron DeSantis continues in a rather incorrigible fashion and recently said “calling on all Floridians to put on the full armor of God as we fight to protect Florida from the destructive agenda of Joe Biden and his ally. No. 1 in Florida, Charlie Crist” (“Crist must hit DeSantis hard, raise big money to win, experts say”). I find this mischievous attempt to align with God quite hypocritical and insincere. Where was God when DeSantis signed “don’t say gay” or one of his other destructive bills taking away the rights and freedoms of many Floridians?

Clint Buczkowski Lake Mary

In the news recently, Uvalde Schools Police Chief Pete Arrendondo lamented the way he was being treated following his inaction during the Texas Elementary School Massacre. He wanted to be relieved of his suspension and receive back pay. My question is why? He did not do anything. He didn’t even have a police radio on him. For 77 minutes, the shooter remained in control and took lives that could have been saved if Arrendondo had done what he was supposed to do, which was his job.

Arredondo was fired on August 24, but he is expected to face another sanction for his complete inaction. These children and teachers died because no one did anything and Police Chief Arrendondo was in charge.

Brian Hopkins Sanford

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