Film about China’s evacuation of overseas Chinese tops National Day box office, shows national pride and confidence in turbulent world

Promotional material for the movie Home Coming.Photo:Screenshot by Douban

A film that took the lead in box office and viewership ratings for the National Day holiday was To come home. The film tells the story of two unarmed Chinese diplomats who dive into an area controlled by rebel forces in a fictional African country destroyed by war to bring 125 Chinese citizens back to safety, and it has sparked a strong sense of national pride. and confidence in the midst of turbulent times. changing world.

Some moviegoers may have entered theaters expecting a Wolf Warrior-like a movie, but they were offered the cruelty of war and the hardest part of diplomatic and consular work contrary to the traditional impression that diplomats are “clean and decent”. However, the two main characters’ deep love for their country and people, their strong sense of responsibility and the largest group of Chinese diplomats in the new era that they represent, touched many viewers.

The film, starring veteran actor Zhang Yi and idol Wang Junkai, not only showed how the two diplomats, one seasoned and the other new, bravely and wisely protected their people, but also describes different roles of ordinary people, including stranded Chinese compatriots and locals. in the fictional African country with which the Chinese stationed there have developed a deep emotional connection.

Some diplomats engage in fierce verbal wars with their foreign counterparts, some are posted overseas and interact with local communities on behalf of China, some have their lives in danger in a country at war, but they speak and all work for the interests of China and the Chinese people, read a comment on the Sina Weibo social media platform.

“There aren’t a lot of cool but exciting action scenes in the sense that the story takes place in a fictional but not really fictional setting,” said another Weibo user.

Promotional material for the movie Home Coming.Photo:Screenshot by Douban

Promotional material for the movie Home Coming.Photo:Screenshot by Douban

To come home made many people remember the Chinese Embassy’s evacuation of more than 30,000 Chinese nationals from the unrest in Libya in 2011. Behind this phrase were many heroic stories and the unwavering efforts of many Chinese diplomats. Many news reports have revealed some details of the eye-catching evacuation, and people are curious how these touching moments can be translated into screen language.

A viewer, who gave the film 5/5 on Chinese ratings site Douban, recalled his personal experience 11 years ago of being safely evacuated from another country “because he held a passport Chinese”. “We are the luckiest because we are well protected, because we have a strong homeland,” the viewer said.

The film isn’t perfect in terms of some parts of the storytelling and acting, but it struck a chord with viewers at the time of the National Day holiday, Shanghai resident Gu Sen told the Global Times Tuesday after watching.

The stronger the bond between the overseas Chinese and the people of Numea (the fictional African country), the more tragic when the rebellion pushed the fates of friends down two different paths, one home and the other. other towards homelessness and even death, said the movie buff.

A popular comment on Douban repeatedly reads: “The Chinese passport may not get you where you want, but it can still get you home.”

A Beijing-based film critic who preferred not to be named told the Global Times on Tuesday that the industry’s “cold winter” has encouraged many insiders to create quality lead melodic works and the genre is on the rise. top of the national holiday box office for many years.

The success of To come home not only proves that a great theme can be delivered through down-to-earth roles and stories, but is also attributed to the growing national pride and confidence that the Chinese have in their country at a time of unrest. occur around the world from time to time, the reviewer said.

To come home raked in 600 million yuan ($84 million), topping the national holiday box office ahead of the recently released film ordinary hero 90 million yuan and will of steel 38 million yuan.

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