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The FIA ​​has raised no concerns over an unusual Aston Martin rear wing change that the team introduced this weekend, the team said.

Aston Martin’s AMR22 sports a new change to its rear wing element that aims to increase the downforce it generates on a track where the penalty for producing drag is low.

The development has raised questions over whether it is in line with the intended purpose of Formula 1’s 2022 regulations, which are to promote overtaking. However, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack said the team had been careful to ensure the FIA ​​had no concerns about its design.

“Developing a wing or developing ideas, you normally don’t wait until the last moment to show it [to the FIA]”, he said today. “So we were in contact with the FIA ​​throughout the development to understand if it was something that would be accepted.

“It finally was, so it was for us the moment when we said, ‘Okay, here we go’. I think there’s nothing special, at the end of the day It’s an interpretation of the rules and we’ve developed the wing based on that in conjunction with the FIA ​​and that’s it, basically.

Unusual Aston Martin rear wing endplate

Rival F1 teams could seek to ban development for future seasons if there is enough support for the change within the F1 Commission. Changing the rules would require a ‘super-majority’ – 28 votes for a total of 30, including 10 representatives from FOM and FIA, and one from each of the 10 teams.

“I’m not concerned about a supermajority or anything,” Krack said. “If the rules change, or if these types of designs aren’t allowed, we’ll deal with it.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said he is ready to follow Aston Martin’s design leads. “I guess if it’s in line with the regulations, that’s the main thing,” he said. “It opens up another path that is interesting.”

Aston Martin presented a complete car upgrade at the Spanish Grand Prix, which looked very similar to Red Bull’s RB18. “Maybe for once we’ll copy something from an Aston Martin, rather than the other way around, you never know!” Horner joked.

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