Fabulous Readings – A witty, wacky and absurd novel will make you smile

Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd., Jonas Jonasson, Jonathan Ball Publishers, ISBN: 978 000 840 7551

I must admit that I love Jonas Jonasson’s books because I have now read all of his novels. While The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared remains one of my all-time favorite books, his latest book, Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd, takes you some time to warm up. However, once you get through it it only gets better.

The plot revolves around Victor Alderheim who cheats on his young ex-wife, Jenny, about his art gallery heritage and also abandons his son, Kevin, to die in the middle of the Kenyan savannah.

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Kevin is saved by Ole Mbatian (another central figure in the story and by far my favorite character), a Maasai Mara healer who helps Kevin, albeit unintentionally, return to Stockholm, where he crosses paths with Jenny.

Ideally, they meet a man selling revenge services, who has an ingenious idea of ​​getting revenge on Victor for his villainous acts.
The first half of the novel is a bit confusing, but I feel like the book has grown significantly in the second half, especially when Ole Mbatian is presented as a character who leaves his mark on the plot in hilarious ways.

Overall, this book is a great read, perhaps not as good as some of his other novels. For me, it certainly didn’t disappoint with a bit of light, wacky entertainment. I will definitely recommend it.

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