Dyslexic schoolboy Hemel Hempstead’s first book reaches bestseller status on Amazon

A Hemel Hempstead schoolboy was partying after his first book reached Amazon bestseller status last week.

Nine-year-old Harry Bevan, who is dyslexic, recently became a published author and his book, The Magical Quests, reached the top 100 in its category last week, making it an Amazon bestseller in this category.

Harry, who attends Potten End School, wrote his book to prove to himself and other neurodiverse children that dyslexia is not something to suffer from, learn to live with and use your dyslexic mind. means you can achieve whatever you want.

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Nine-year-old Harry Bevan with his first book, The Magical Quests

He said: “It’s really, really, really cool to publish a book and achieve Amazon bestseller status.

“It’s because we understood that just because you’re dyslexic doesn’t mean you can’t do things like this, I knew I could so I just worked hard and did it.

“I wanted to prove that dyslexia doesn’t take anything away from you, you’re just a little different and that’s okay.

“The story is about these friends going to school and they’re late and they have to go through a door and they notice a lot or strange things happening and the kids are gone.

“I’m thinking of writing another one, I really enjoyed doing it.”

Lisa, Harry’s mother, said: “Harry’s book, The Magical Quests, also reached Amazon bestseller status this week, which is quite astonishing because in its category, Harry Potter books by JK Rowling own the Top 13 Most Popular Books.

“He doesn’t really like to write, but he spent 15 minutes a day doing it.

“It’s something he always wanted to do. During the lockdown, schools had staggered start times, so when we got to school early he would tell us and dictate it to us.

“It’s all his own imagination. He’s inspired by the Harry Potter books, he also enjoys reading the Beast Quest books and in fact writing this book has encouraged him to read more.

“He’s in the Amazon bestseller, in the top 100 in his category, he’s delighted.

“We’re so proud of him. The fact that he was able to stick with writing a book and then publishing it is amazing, his school really supported him as well.”

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