Known for her critically acclaimed novels about troubles and conflicts and the shifting borders of Bangladesh, Tahmima Anam is now dabbling in satire in The startup woman, a “romcom” as she describes it, about a couple launching an app called WAI (short for “We Are Infinite”, pronounced like “why”) which offers a technical and secular alternative to religious worship. The company is turning the app into a social media platform that explodes, deifies the startup’s husband for obvious sexist reasons, and introduces tensions into an otherwise happy marriage. As she has mentioned in interviews, Anam drew on her personal experience working on the board of her husband’s tech startup to write this teardown of our comically applied lives. Expect plenty of app jokes and a good bunch of insane celebrity worship assisting “thought leaders,” all around a serious critique of how the tech world replicates systems. repressive power more often than it disrupts them.

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