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Over the past few years, guru Rob Shuter has opened up his Naughty but nice podcast, with his signature greeting, “Elo, Elo, Elo!” It’s a perfect start to the show for the eccentric, British all-Hollywood veteran whose roster of past clients as a publicist includes J-Lo, P-Diddy, Jessica Simpson, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi and many more. others.

As the Friday co-host of Naughty but nice, I shared many hilarious and poignant moments with Rob discussing his early years of navigating the celebrity landscape of Tinseltown and how those invaluable experiences paved the way for the successful man he is today. hui.

After paying his hefty dues in the 1990s, today Rob Shuter has been dubbed “America’s Number One Gossip Columnist” by the National Inquirer. His website posts celebrity news every day with the perfect balance between Rob’s branding spirit, showbiz scandals and, of course, a little sweetness – all embodying the Naughty but nice brand, which has become one of the top 10 Apple podcasts loved by all ages.

Yes, Shuter is known for his affinity for gossip delivered with a whimsical cockney charm, but he’s more than it looks. Behind that focus is a critical thinker with tremendous perspectives on how we can all become happier once we learn to love ourselves. These principles are the basis of his first book, The answer in 4 words, in which he shares words of wisdom from his former top clients, in conjunction with his insight into the power of positive thinking, self-awareness, and implementation to rightly succeed.

That said, I couldn’t lose my access to America’s # 1 gossip columnist, right? To celebrate his debut in the best-selling book on Amazon, I recently knocked down Rob for a special bonus episode of Naughty but nice. I took over as the show’s host, and Rob was my guest. No question was off limits when I interviewed him about the inspiration behind The answer in 4 words.

RS: Corey, every successful person I have ever met could describe themselves in a few simple words. In fact, it was the most critical question they could answer. It made them aware of themselves as individuals or their brand as a media personality. They know exactly who they are.

Entire marketing, branding, and public relations departments are created with one job to do: figure out who each customer is in a nutshell, and then promote them. Those who are quite comfortable in their own skin know how to answer the question “Who are you in four words?” And those who can answer this question honestly, through a filter of honesty and self-awareness, will be successful.

CALIFORNIA: I’m reading the book right now, and a chapter really resonated with me from the start. This is the chapter on understanding our importance. Not to be confused with the arrogant position of “personal importance”. But instead of believing that you are important and worthy of success as much as anyone else. Can you expand?

RS: Yes, that’s a pretty solid and reaffirming mantra that I learned from Diddy. He taught me to never forget, the most important person in your life is YOU! Your chances of success are greatly increased just by taking the first step: believing that you are essential. For example, no one can make Diddy feel unimportant without his consent. And he would never allow anyone to do that. Never give this power to anyone and always remember that your thoughts, your ideas, your contributions are important. You are important!

CALIFORNIA: You have a fascinating perspective on something that many of us are guilty of, and this is how we always seek the support and validation of others. Some people take advantage of it. However, in The answer in 4 words, you say, the time that others ultimately decide to support yourself, you realize, hey, you’ve stayed the course and still hit your goals –without their support. So you never really needed their validation in the first place, did you?

RS: Bingo! The moment they support you, you realize you never needed them. Another example of Diddy, he refuses to dim his light for others who don’t shine as bright or don’t share his vision for success. So rather than risk being seen as less than his authentic self just to get validation from others, he knows that trying to win over people who aren’t on board is a full-time game that he is assured of. to lose.

Instead, live your life without needing the approval of others. Besides, quite honestly, you will never get back the enormous amount of precious time wasted trying to appease people, and you’ll probably never win them anyway.

Yvette Corporn / Rob Shuter @ ExtraTV

CALIFORNIA: So true, and it’s a great transition to another point you’re making in the book that I’m totally relating to. What are your tips for knowing what to do when people don’t like you?

RS: Don’t do anything except, don’t go around them or hang out with them. It comes down to knowing that you are important, and it means challenging yourself by asking yourself why I would put myself in a situation with people who don’t like me or with those who don’t have my best interests at hand. .

Surround yourself with good people and those who uplift you. And it’s not a one-way street; you back them back, sincerely wanting the best for them. It’s about developing people, or at least it should be as I see it.

CALIFORNIA: You really get into doubt and rejection in The answer in 4 words. I find that your take on these two topics can be life-changing for readers who struggle to not feel good enough about themselves or for those who constantly struggle with the ever-pervasive “impostor syndrome”.

RS: When it comes to doubting, yes, you are right. We all get bogged down at one time or another, some more than others, in doubt. But here’s the thing to remember: we doubt ourselves because someone along the way has taught us to always do it. They programmed us to always question ourselves. And so now now is the time to recognize it. Identify who these people are and get rid of them from your life. They’ve done enough damage already, keeping you in a cycle of constant sabotage and feelings of inadequacy, which so becomes a familiar and reliable feeling. Again, this is a cycle, and only you can stop it.

How to stop it? Get rid of negative nellies, get to know yourself and go for your dreams by getting down to business and always being prepared! No one can take that away from you when you’ve done the job and know your stuff. The best way to eliminate doubt is to be prepared!

CALIFORNIA: And why do you view rejection as a gift?

RS: Oh, because he is a present, Corey. Rejection is a gift. This is perhaps also one of the biggest lessons I learned from Diddy. He believes rejection is a gift that tells us that whatever we thought we actually wanted may not suit us or not at all what we need.

You must rephrase the word “rejection”. Rejection does not take away your dreams but rather leads you towards them. It is not a “no” but rather a “yes” to something better to come.

The rejection is simply a redirect, allowing us to regroup, recalibrate, and try a different execution to achieve our goals. Think of it as feedback or market research that will let you watch Why someone said no and these informationsis invaluable to your ability to evolve and get even closer to your ambitions. You will find that some of the most successful people in the world were turned down countless times before their big break, but with every ‘no’ they came back and tweaked what they were doing, then came back bringing their A- Game!

You can do that too, and if you are ready to really change your life, I am delighted to show you how in The answer in 4 words.

Listen to the bonus episode interview with Rob Shuter on Naughty But Nice.

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