Discover 3am Eternal, the London label that gives vintage clothing a second life

Over the past few years, sustainable fashion has seen a steady rise, with second-hand clothing becoming cool, thanks to apps like Depop and TheRealReal. Driven by a desire to consciously consume without compromising on style, London-based brand 3am Eternal is setting the new standard for vintage designer clothing, launching its Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Founded in 2020 by two sisters, shopper and lover of Emily and Fashion East alumni Caitlin Price, 3am Eternal reinvigorates and revamps pre-loved luxury apparel, removing seasons and the wayward trend cycle for a timeless approach and effortless fashion. 3am Eternal borrows from the archives of international designer brands, reimagining second-hand clothing as wardrobe staples for a modern, fashion-forward woman. Inspired by the bubbly 2000s and decadent 80s, blended with the rave aesthetic of the 60s and 90s, 3am Eternal presents a collection of upbeat, colorful and richly textured clothing.

The SS22 line features strapless tops adorned with lavishly oversized bows, handbags with beaded handles, and acid blue mini dresses accented with pink ruffles, pulled straight from Josie Geller’s closet. Two-tone scarves are reimagined as tops, with braided pearl and gold chains for extra support, making them a must-have for every it-girl this spring.

Feast your eyes on 3am Eternal’s first whimsical collection and visit their website for more. 3am Eternal is available to purchase from the Selfridge website

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