Develop a new approach to real-time antibody titer monitoring


Optimizing process efficiency is an ongoing goal of the bioproduction industry. Process improvement has a direct impact on lowering operating costs, reducing the risk of production failure, and improving product quality, allowing drugs to be delivered to patients efficiently. , cost effective and fast. A key step towards achieving this goal is the application of advanced manufacturing methods, such as continuous processing, and the use of automation and data integration to improve operational efficiency and increase flexibility. and speed to market.

As the industry continues to apply innovative tools and solutions to manufacturing, it also needs to have real-time monitoring robust enough to keep up with a modern production suite. In the case of measuring antibody concentration, or “titer,” the current standard method uses offline methods, such as sending samples to quality control labs that take at least 24 hours to return. the results, or using the traditional method of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). However, these approaches present challenges to the goal of improving efficiency, leading to the development of a new tool, the Tridex â„¢ from IDEX Health & Science.

In this case study, examine how a partnership formed to provide a solution to HPLC challenges and the best approaches to deliver cost-effective antibody measurements.


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